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Body Talk

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 “Femininity for me means happiness and freedom…freedom of being who you are in whatever shape or size you come in. “ – Dawn Jackson


What would people say about Linda Carter, the curvaceous actress who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series? At the time her show aired she was unanimously considered gorgeous. But I can only imagine what people would say today if the public so cruelly body shamed Lady Gaga after her halftime musical performance.

Oh, how times have changed. When did we become so fixated on skinny or perfection and when did this become the ideal? Let’s encourage not discourage diversity. Every woman is unique, and so shall be her body. Let’s embrace a fit and healthy body image to be our goal. Let’s celebrate the variety of ways our bodies are born. Voluptuous, muscular, athletic, willowy, plump, narrow, stout, lean…all shapes, all sizes are beautiful. Let’s celebrate that!

Don’t allow the Hollywood or social media to define whether you’re beautiful or not. Let it live inside you.

Look in the mirror every morning and acknowledge the beautiful person you see. Positive self-talk is a powerful tool, so say something positive about you.

Surround yourself with women who love and respect their body shape and don’t talk badly about themselves or anyone else. People who are accepting of themselves are happy and confident and a pleasure to be around and that is true beauty.

“Inner beauty radiates from within, and there’s nothing more beautiful than when a woman feels beautiful on the inside” Erin Heatherton

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri







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