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Spring Cleaning – It’s Not Just Good for the House!



Springtime is here. It’s a time where we see signs of growth and fresh beginnings after a restful, dormant winter. It’s a season full of hope and possibility and opportunity.

There’s an age-old tradition to do spring cleaning for the house before the hustle and bustle of summertime growth comes around and we become too busy to find the time to clean and organize our home, the nucleus of our life. Not worth the time? Let’s face the truth, it’s difficult to add any fun, new things to our closets or drawers without making some space by purging the outdated, rarely used, and least favorite items.

Just like we do in our homes, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning for our life!

A helpful place to start is by taking closer inspection of our obligations. An obligation is defined as an act we’re bound to morally or legally, a duty or commitment. An obligation is a responsibility we’re required to perform as well as a state or quality of being dedicated.

If we experience feelings of chaos, exhaustion, or overwhelm and not enough satisfaction, joy or fulfillment, it’s time to let go of any unnecessary and unwanted obligations in our life that drain us instead of sparking excitement or eagerness. Write them down and list the pros and cons, along with the positive and negative feelings you have for them. This gives you a clear picture of what commitments are enhancing your life and which ones are deflating it. Don’t stay with a club or organization where you “have to” do somethings instead of “want to”. It’s not healthy for you or the group.

If you struggle with purging and organizing, tune in to Marie Kondo on Netflix. She’s the creator of the Konmari method that helps you eliminate unnecessary or unwanted items in your home that no longer “spark joy” or effectively serve you. And she helps you organize what you actually choose to keep in your life. I read her book years ago, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and she’s brilliant at how to effectively purge your home, but it also got me to look at the “stuff” I put in my life and apply the same technique whether to add, keep or purge.

Here are a few questions that may be helpful evaluating your current obligations:

    1. Do they deliver satisfaction? (Konmari: Do they spark joy?)
    2. Do they generate enthusiasm?
    3. Do they produce joy in your life? Do they add benefit to your life?

When we realize what no longer adds joy or service in our life, it’s time to let it go with heartfelt gratitude for how you served it and it has served you. Don’t feel like a failure or a quitter. Many times, we outgrow old interests or discover new interests which require more time and attention.

Going forward, take your time and be thoughtful of what commitments you make. Choose to join for reasons that are uplifting and not pressured or forced. When we do this our commitment will be authentic and everyone will benefit! Happy cleaning 😊

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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