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Trust Your Gut – How Our Intuition Is a Powerful Tool

Has there been a time when you’re making a decision on an issue you have little knowledge or experience with? Perhaps a new job, a new position, continuing education, health concern, family debate? Life is a series of new challenges and new opportunities and when encountered by the unknown, it’s easy to feel uncomfortable, insecure and fearful.

When I find myself in unusual circumstances, I’m comfortable seeking counsel from trusted friends and family. They know me best and most times they’ve had some sort of experience with my new dilemma so I get first-hand information on their experience and possible outcomes. I’ll also launch myself into my favorite activity which is research. I read and gather information on anything and everything about the topic to gain a bigger perspective of potential actions and results.

Then what? Then it’s time to process the huge amount of information I’ve gathered and see what bubbles up as the right choice for me. This is the hardest part because in times where the best option holds a huge impact on my life with health, relationships or career, there are so many pros and cons, that it’s easy to become frozen with doubt of what’s truly best for me. Not a comfortable situation for anyone to say the least.

Now, as much as I don’t enjoy the discomfort of uncertainty,  I also recognize how these new opportunities are meant to be hard to help me grow. That’s what happens when we’re learning. We explore the unusual and unknown and learn  to work outside our comfort zone to find better ways to process and understand the endless variables life can and will throw at us.

But,  what happens when we don’t see an obvious solution? No doubt there are some choices that seem impossible to make and perhaps there’s no single solution that jumps out and grabs us with an absolute “yes”!

When I find myself here, I do the one thing that’s never let me down. I do what feels right in my gut! I pay attention to the comfort or discomfort with each option available to me. My gut is where the intuition of my heart and soul speaks to me. My true essence, the nature of what makes me the person I am, knows what the best decision is for me. A decision that helps me learn a valuable lesson and brings out the best in my character. A decision that is best for me, not a family member, friend or colleague. Whether an easy or difficult choice, our intuition is a built in indicator that will help lead us towards what is most beneficial and keep us safe when we acknowledge and tune in to the signs. It brings out our best self, so we can live our best life!

Instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.”

Nikola Tesla
women on park bench -214792_960_720

The beauty is our intuition is deeply connected with all our strengths, weaknesses, interests and fears, and serves us without bias on what step will take us in the direction of healthy growth. Let’s be grateful for all the new and unexpected situations set in our path because we’re either growing and learning or staying the same and staying the same can lead to stagnation which is never a good thing. Times of challenge may not be the easy path, and we may even fail but we will learn, and flourish.

Listen, it’s comforting to read, research and get advice from people to help reduce fear and anxiousness about the unknown or unfamiliar, but we are born with a  process that helps us follow the path that’s correct and true for us! It’s our intuition and it’s meant to help guide us. It’s not overly complicated. It’s simply paying attention to a feeling of comfort or discomfort when choosing. We just need to practice listening to it!

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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