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When All the Little Things Add Up to be Too Much of Not Enough

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~ Buddha

Our days are made up of so many little things. Family things, work things, friend things, house things, community things and self-care things. I do my best to pay attention to these little things because they are a vital part of the big picture. The little things are the necessary strings that are threaded together to give shape to our wonderful and transient life. I recognize and honor the beauty of life in that it’s a gift of today and holds no promise to last forever, so what I do every day becomes a representation of what life means to me.

Yes, we have a lot of little things filling the limited amount of time we’re gifted each day that it’s so easy to get absorbed in the cycle of these little tasks. Our attention become near-sighted and prevents us from seeing the big picture.

It’s not to say the many things we have filling our days are not important or not worth it because the truth is they provide a big service in keeping our life on track. These little things become routines that make our life easier. They help us live more efficiently, more productively, and with less effort. They help free up brain function for other more demanding tasks.

Without routine, it’s unimaginable the burden of learning everything we do over and over again every day. Think about it. Would we ever have time to learn and grow if we had to re-learn the basic tasks required to function throughout the day? What a nightmare!

While I’m grateful for routines, I find it easy to fall into acceptance of an easy day that’s less rigorous as opposed to what’s required for a more stimulating or demanding day. And why not? I go on automatic. Less energy, less challenge, less concentration. I’ll be honest. It’s a comfortable, easier route.

This isn’t to say my days aren’t rewarding. They are. But when I detect feelings of tediousness, or dullness or blandness, I’ve grown more prudent in responding to these signs that it’s time to make some adjustments.

I take a step back to observe my day with an intentional, scrupulous eye. I’m curious to see which little parts are adding true value to my day and where I could replace unproductive tasks or errands with restorative or revitalizing new goals. I see where I may need to explore engaging new ideas that demand a new way of thinking or doing. Ideas that encourage growth and achievement. Yes, this line of thinking invigorates a place where my life may be flat-lining and provides a surge of excitement and renewed interest that resuscitates any areas of monotony or boredom.

Growth can be pursued in a variety of life areas. This could be a new exercise that activates muscles that are typically a secondary exertion. Or carving out a small sliver of silence where the quiet allows our body, mind and soul to re-center and this is not only peaceful it refreshes our attitude and outlook.

Perhaps it’s time to learn a new skill for work or play that takes our abilities to a new level. Can we make room to consider new theories in our area of expertise that broaden our knowledge so we can address the uncommon or consider possible solutions for parts of what many believe to be impossible? Do we need to pay more attention to a relationship or connect with a hobby or activity that is rewarding and meaningful?

The possibilities to reawaken our pursuit of growth are endless and if we’re feeling disconnected to our day which may have gone on autopilot, a beneficial remedy may be a reconnection to our human blueprint that has a built-in desire for challenge and growth!

If you’re in this place right now where your life is feeling like a flatline or lacking enthusiasm, or you find yourself unsatisfied at the end of the day or perhaps before your day even begins, it may be time to do some personal inventory to make sure your routines are serving your needs. A healthy dose of newness or breaking from your typical routine may be exactly what needs to be incorporated into your day that’s full of too many little things, in order to pursue aspirations that produce a feeling of aliveness and excitement for the very big thing we call our life story.

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


2 thoughts on “When All the Little Things Add Up to be Too Much of Not Enough”

  1. Thanks for your input Janet. 🤗
    Yes! Ruts are not a great place to stay. Good for us to find a good groove that’s comfortable yet also contributes to our growth❣️🌈


  2. Great post! This hit home..”Perhaps it’s time to learn a new skill for work or play that takes our abilities to a new level.” It’s so easy to accept where we are now… which is a good thing… but when things seem boring or like we’re in a rut, taking steps like that are the perfect remedy.


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