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Get Your Mojo Burning Bright First Thing in the Morning

I woke up this morning and started thinking about my day. What do I need to do, what do I want to do, what should I do? Suddenly, I realized, “Wow, there is a lot of self-talk going on first thing in the morning”. Then, I wondered, “How do people wake up in the morning” as far as self-talk goes?

Do they wake up comatose, barely able to open their eyes and stand? Shuffling to the shower then moving robotically through the rest of their morning routine?

Or, do they wake up and give thanks for another day to be the best version of themselves and start talking about what they’re going to do better today to make a difference and spend their gift of life to create joy and satisfaction?

Maybe it’s something in between?

Now, I’m not suggesting you become the hyper-annoying, super-amped up and limitless energy firecracker you may see on YouTube, Instagram or TV. Let’s be real. Those people are wired that way and have SO much excess energy to burn they may explode if they didn’t use it up! Trying to keep up with them when we’re not built that way will end in disaster. I’m talking exhaustion, disappointment and quitting. Because, no matter how hard I can try to be superwoman, I may have my superwoman moments; however, I cannot maintain superwoman all day, every day!

I’m suggesting it’s reasonable and healthy to strive for maybe something in-between. We may not be able to copy the high-energy morning people, but we can certainly adopt a more dynamic wake-up ritual that fuels our motivation to make it a great day! A ritual that starts with positive words about what we’re going to achieve today!

I’m proposing you try, for one week, to start your day with positive words AND make the intention to use positive words for the rest of the day when talking to yourself and others. If you’re tempted to speak something negative, remember to pause and take a calming breath, and either leave it unsaid or share something positive.

Most importantly, pay attention to how you feel after one day of speaking positives only and take note of how other people respond to your positive talk. Do they copy it? Does the conversation head in a more enjoyable direction and have a more positive attitude, and all parties are left feeling good?

This is nothing strenuous or complicated or bad for your health! It’s practicing positive talk that when done regularly generates its own energy and life force. It will get easier and it will be like a magnet bringing more positivity into your life.

I’m only suggesting 5-7 days. What do you have to lose? I’ll be shocked if you don’t have a pleasant experience with this exercise and the good news is there is no purchase necessary! All it requires is a little intention and trying your best each day for 1 week!

At the very least, try the following mantra first thing in the morning and try to say it again throughout your day. Set an alarm on your phone or do it at every red light or everytime the phone rings, say it before you answer.

I speak and think positively!

I’ve attached some great positive affirmations on my Pinterest board to help you on your way.

Try it and post a comment on this blog to share your results! 😊

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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