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Taking a Turn

promo-cover-4This book is the reason for my hiatus on blogging. It’s been quite the adventure. Over a year and a half of conversations went easily to paper once Melissa Rixon proposed we write this book describing all of our ups and downs in motherhood.

Christi McGuire and I readily agreed to share our personal anecdotes because motherhood is a learning experience and some days we rock it out and some days we feel like a total failures. We hope to entertain, encourage, and support moms on their amazing journey, because no one has it all figured out and we want moms to know they’re not alone, and that’s ok.

So if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and want to cry out, “When’s it My Turn?” or if you think you’re failing or lacking or not a good mom, you’re mistaken and we hope you’ll laugh, cry and find comfort in our stories and stop second guessing yourself! You’re doing great mama!

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri

If you’d like to read When’s It My Turn?, click here to purchase at Amazon. Thanks for your support.

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