Intention Dimension, Personal Resonsibility

The Intention Dimension: Joy

I will appreciate the joy that accompanies laughter.”

7 thoughts on “The Intention Dimension: Joy”

  1. You are right about the joy of life, of just being alive. I f you have a few minutes, please have a look at my posts about the hidden wonders of London, or the one – ‘I am here to wonder’.
    It is read in 88 countries, the blog, that is.


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  2. Everything you write is right but somehow it feels as I have read this before in works of great thinkers. It is difficult in the 21th century to come up with something original, that is why I write about interesting facts, rather than my feelings.

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    1. So true Gaby. I’ve read, or heard people say there are very few original ideas, and the difference is “how” someone says it. Every author has a unique view or experience or opinion, etc.

      I didn’t find that intention attributed to anyone in particular, as they are actions we intend to do or feel or think, but it’s an one that I commonly use myself when I’m focusing on the little things that bring me joy 😉😊


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