Awareness, Choices, Fear, Growth, Personal Resonsibility

Uncertainty Reinforces Our Resiliency

Uncertainty asks us to be persistent in our struggles, resolute in our setbacks, and determined in staying committed until we achieve our desired results. Uncertainty calls on our character. It tests it. It responds to it. It builds it. And ultimately, it will reward it.  The thing is, we’ll never know what would or could… Continue reading Uncertainty Reinforces Our Resiliency

Awareness, Choices, Fear, Growth, Personal Resonsibility, Positive Living

Embracing the Inevitable Struggles

Why must there be struggle? I think it's fair to say, nobody wants struggle, welcomes struggle or appreciates struggle. Typically, it's avoided at all costs. Struggle is defined as "make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction." Forceful? Violent? Doesn't sound appealing, right? So, why embrace it? Because struggle is, has… Continue reading Embracing the Inevitable Struggles