Values provide clarity even in the darkest and most chaotic of times!
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Nudged Out of Neutral

There’s an unexpected and strange happening as we walk the path of growth and healing. What once sat well with us, no longer does. The disruption, chaos, or discomfort that didn’t bother us before, now causes irritation, frustration, and anger. And we may even find times we can’t understand the sudden sadness, resentment, or fear… Continue reading Nudged Out of Neutral

Assessment is a crucial part to staying on our intended course.
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Why We Need Outward Assessment for Living a More Peaceful and Satisfying Life

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Redefining Social Comparison When We Break Free From Social Norms

When we break free from the popular social norms to live what feels genuine in us, the way we see ourselves in comparison to others changes too. Social comparison provides us a way to evaluate our progress, and now, what used to work and provide guidance, no longer fits. An arrogant person considers himself perfect.… Continue reading Redefining Social Comparison When We Break Free From Social Norms

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Gathering the Scattered Thoughts

When I first embraced awareness in my twenties, I was bombarded with a long-list of behaviors and corresponding attitudes I felt needed attention. I was like a child in a candy store. "I want this, and this and this, and not that, or that, and definitely not that!" My energy was also like a child… Continue reading Gathering the Scattered Thoughts

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Accurate Assessment Is a Crucial Skill for Self-Growth

When we set out on a new journey of growth and development, it's a learning curve figuring out how to properly assess our life. By surrendering to this truth of proper assessment early on, we gain a powerful frame of mind which provides a safety net when we become frustrated, impatient, or ultimately, despondent with… Continue reading Accurate Assessment Is a Crucial Skill for Self-Growth