Self-criticism is a type of awareness and like anything, must be kept in balance to serve its purpose to make better choices!
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The Good and Bad of Self-Criticism

Self-criticism is a common aspect of our personality that most people will wrestle with in life. I certainly do, and let’s be honest…it can be brutal. While I believe self-criticism helps keep me dialed into life assessment, including my faults and limitations, it’s a double-edged sword that can be disastrous if I don’t keep it… Continue reading The Good and Bad of Self-Criticism

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The Bitterness of Sarcastic Remarks

Many times, people grow insecure by the passion and determination of others invested in healthy and positive lifestyle changes. They use sarcasm as an attempt to diffuse their self-judgment and insecurity. The art of sarcasm. You may know someone who is exceptionally gifted in delivering sarcasm. It’s defined as “the use of irony to mock… Continue reading The Bitterness of Sarcastic Remarks

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The Course of Discovering How to Maintain Better Awareness

Awareness. It can be really, really, hard to maintain awareness. Especially when trying to make improvements, because so many of our thoughts and behaviors are habits. Yes, we go on autopilot because daily living requires shortcuts in-order-to function effectively. We don’t have time to relearn how to handle life situations all day, every day, so… Continue reading The Course of Discovering How to Maintain Better Awareness

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Accepting Mistakes and Not Giving Up

Mistakes have become a dirty word. Inappropriately so! Mistakes are part of the machine of learning. Rare you will find in history immediate and complete perfection on the first try. If you do, please share it with me. 😉 Brilliant mistakes have given this world some amazing gifts. Like penicillin, the pacemaker and the beloved… Continue reading Accepting Mistakes and Not Giving Up

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Recognizing the Deficiency in Certainty

Moving on from how uncertainty builds resiliency, I wanted to dig a little deeper into the compulsion of certainty because nowadays, people seem to crave certainty more than ever. We crave the certainty of success in work, relationships, investments, spirituality, and sports. The desire for certainty has replaced what used to be a “leap of… Continue reading Recognizing the Deficiency in Certainty

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Uncertainty Reinforces Our Resiliency

Uncertainty asks us to be persistent in our struggles, resolute in our setbacks, and determined in staying committed until we achieve our desired results. Uncertainty calls on our character. It tests it. It responds to it. It builds it. And ultimately, it will reward it.  The thing is, we’ll never know what would or could… Continue reading Uncertainty Reinforces Our Resiliency

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It’s All About Effort

Every goal we set. What we want to achieve. How we want to behave. What we want to feel. It must be chosen over-and-over again, every, single, day. We need this connection to remind us that our goals will get realized by our energy, our focus, and our perseverance. ❤

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Deconstructing Social Constructs

Sometimes in life, in order to to make space for the new, we need to demolish the old and outdated framework. Life called for me to make changes to do better, be better and live better. I answered "yes" to that call and committed myself to do whatever it took to change my life's landscape.… Continue reading Deconstructing Social Constructs

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Habits That Hold Us Down

When I'm focused on heading a new direction, I'm pumped up and ready to take-action but first I take stock of troublesome behaviors, because I've got to be doing some things that undoubtedly don't serve my betterment. I need to make space for more helpful habits by removing ones that are heavy, negative weight. A… Continue reading Habits That Hold Us Down

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The Nasty Nature of Negative Self-Talk

Ugh, negative self-talk. In my opinion, it's one of the most destructive forces of nature. A tsunami that wreaks havoc on our inner peace. Sadly, this kind of internal dialogue plagues most people. Yep. Not many people have eluded this phenomenon and unless we’ve had guidance in processing and dissolving negative self-talk, we create a… Continue reading The Nasty Nature of Negative Self-Talk