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I Can’t Stop This Feeling

Sometimes, like it or not, we can’t stop our feelings. Yeah, times like these, our feelings interrupt our best intentions for change. Intended changes, in perception, attitude, reaction, and action we’d like to happen, get derailed as strong feelings hijack our focus for attempt to introduce new behavior. Jealousy, insecurity, perceived unfairness, disrespect, abandonment, or… Continue reading I Can’t Stop This Feeling

Awareness, Choices, Growth, Mindfulness, Motivation, Personal Resonsibility

The Course of Discovering How to Maintain Better Awareness

Awareness. It can be really, really, hard to maintain awareness. Especially when trying to make improvements, because so many of our thoughts and behaviors are habits. Yes, we go on autopilot because daily living requires shortcuts in-order-to function effectively. We don’t have time to relearn how to handle life situations all day, every day, so… Continue reading The Course of Discovering How to Maintain Better Awareness

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A Great Day Doesn’t Have to Be a “Perfect 10”

Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order."Anne Wilson Schaef Life is not and cannot be a "Perfect 10" every day. Our life is a work-in-progress. Regardless of our enthusiasm and hard work, we’re going to have ups and downs that reflect unpredicted circumstances and their corresponding choices which impact us daily. It’s possible today was… Continue reading A Great Day Doesn’t Have to Be a “Perfect 10”