The beauty of owning my anger is that I’m also in the position to change it!
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Embracing Our Anger to Understand It Better

Anger’s a highly misunderstood and underappreciated emotion that’s simply doing its job and trying to get our attention to consider what may not be working so well in our life. Instead of embracing our anger and trying to learn from it, we’ll do other things, like let it run wild, try to bury it, and… Continue reading Embracing Our Anger to Understand It Better

Forgiving ourselves helps dismantle the habit of rumination.
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Handling Rumination on the Road to Change

My last blog highlighted seeing our undesired behavior in others. What starts as a lesson in grace and patience for others and ourselves, can quickly morph into a dark battle within us if left unchecked. How? Because, in noticing these unwanted behaviors playing out around and within us, we can fall into a loop of… Continue reading Handling Rumination on the Road to Change

Even in places of darkness, the sun continues to shine. If we have faith and continue to move, however small, we will once again step into the sunshine!
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The Sun Is Always Shining

The sun is always shining. To be in the light simply depends on where we're standing. Being in the dark does not and IS NOT permanent. When we keep moving, we move through the dark times, and can once again step into the light that illuminates our path and provides optimism and hope. We can never get to where we want to be by standing where we are now. The earth maintains balance by altering sunlight and darkness. It must in order to exist. The same is true for life. Taking time to observer nature can help us to reconnect with this truth! We have the capability to make it through if we continue to believe.

What do we project in life? What do we want to project in life?
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The People Around Us Can Inspire Our Next Step

Life is an intricate and interactive journey that delivers more than the challenges we set in motion to reach our social goals. Life's undeniable, omniscient power delivers the experiences required to grow our spirit which transcends all material-like prizes to lead us closer to love and harmony. Yes, in times of transition, our next step… Continue reading The People Around Us Can Inspire Our Next Step

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Experience Life

Experience leads us through life and what we need in order to grow and bloom. There is no other way! What truly matters is how we respond to these experiences and never, ever, accepting defeat. ❤ Keep it Simple, Just Teri

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The Class That Never Ends

Learning lessons is a little like reaching maturity. You’re not suddenly more happy, wealthy, or powerful, but you understand the world around you better, and you’re at peace with yourself. Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross No, we never… Continue reading The Class That Never Ends

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Help, They’re Driving Me Nuts! Learning From Our Feelings Of Irritation

Human interaction. It can be beautiful and uplifting and can make us hopeful to engage with the world. It can also be disheartening and draining and that’s when we may question why we even bother to be connected. For instance, it’s so frustrating when someone we care about, know, work with or live next to,… Continue reading Help, They’re Driving Me Nuts! Learning From Our Feelings Of Irritation