Even in places of darkness, the sun continues to shine. If we have faith and continue to move, however small, we will once again step into the sunshine!
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The Sun Is Always Shining

The sun is always shining. To be in the light simply depends on where we're standing. Being in the dark does not and IS NOT permanent. When we keep moving, we move through the dark times, and can once again step into the light that illuminates our path and provides optimism and hope. We can never get to where we want to be by standing where we are now. The earth maintains balance by altering sunlight and darkness. It must in order to exist. The same is true for life. Taking time to observer nature can help us to reconnect with this truth! We have the capability to make it through if we continue to believe.

How we interact with life is how life will interact with us.
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Make Space for Moments of Peace in the Daily Grind

Peace is contagious. We have the power to choose peace. In our thoughts, actions and interactions. When everything around us seems to be upside down and we're struggling with personal change, one thing we have immediate control over is ourselves! Find time to get quiet and focus on the peace there. Then try to bring it with us in whatever we're doing throughout the day.