Awareness, Choices, Fear, Growth, Personal Resonsibility

Recognizing the Deficiency in Certainty

Moving on from how uncertainty builds resiliency, I wanted to dig a little deeper into the compulsion of certainty because nowadays, people seem to crave certainty more than ever. We crave the certainty of success in work, relationships, investments, spirituality, and sports. The desire for certainty has replaced what used to be a “leap of… Continue reading Recognizing the Deficiency in Certainty

Awareness, Choices, Fear, Growth, Personal Resonsibility

Uncertainty Reinforces Our Resiliency

Uncertainty asks us to be persistent in our struggles, resolute in our setbacks, and determined in staying committed until we achieve our desired results. Uncertainty calls on our character. It tests it. It responds to it. It builds it. And ultimately, it will reward it.  The thing is, we’ll never know what would or could… Continue reading Uncertainty Reinforces Our Resiliency

Authentic Living, Choices, Fear, Personal Resonsibility

The Precarious Adventure Into the Unknown

It’s been a busy few weeks for me. My kids started school on Monday and as you could imagine, we were saddled with a long list of “to dos” and we dutifully worked through them; however, this year felt so different. Of course it felt different. In fact, it’s very, very different! In the past,… Continue reading The Precarious Adventure Into the Unknown