Living Authentic


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Do you know someone that seems so grounded in how they live their life? That person who is so easy to talk to that you gravitate towards them whenever in their presence? You can actually feel their essence in how they conduct themselves and in conversations with them. They are genuine in all they say and do. And it’s all at once, refreshing, uplifting and so very easy to be with them. They seem lighthearted and consistent every single time you are with them. Conversation is a pleasure and you can literally “feel” the good energy radiating from them. I know people like this, and they are intoxicating to spend time with.

Authentic is defined as “relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.” Many times it remains a path less traveled mainly because it’s not the least challenging path! It is a path that requires quite a bit of introspection, evaluation, and setting goals that demand commitment and discipline and most definitely are not self-serving. Goals that will definitely benefit your life with more contentment and calm and most importantly balance. The bonus is that everyone around you will benefit also. Every single person who crosses your path will benefit.

I’m suggesting to reflect throughout the day that we are indeed choosing that which will bring calm and satisfaction as we proceed with the intention to be completely aware of these choices before us. To be present in all that we do, big or small, and enjoy all that our wonderful life offers. I’m suggesting the desire of a holistic approach to living the most authentic life possible, which means having the balance in mind, body, and spirit in ALL aspects of our life, such as family, health, career, relationships, and being the best of who we are, not anyone else.

In the following weeks, let’s consider the different moving parts of authentic living, starting with a basic approach in becoming more present in our daily life. We’ll explore the roots that support living a life balanced with happiness, awareness, and patience in all the different areas of our life, including how to evaluate where we are and how we would like to proceed!

Let’s face it. Modern-day living feels more like treading water instead of cutting through the water with strong determined strokes that bring more confidence and less fear of drowning in life’s turmoil. We’ll look at how the small daily choices to all kinds of situations and circumstances that come our way can be met with more mindfulness and the simple tools we can use to do what is best for us and all those directly affected. We’ll take whatever comes our way, knowing we are able to make the best possible decision at that moment. We will reap the rewards and enjoy our life and the many days to follow with confidence that we are on a holistic life path that brings peace, health, and happiness.

Because life is good!

Keep it simple,

Just Teri