Teri beach

I have been a people person my entire life. I’ve been drawn to helping people realize whatever they need to transform their problems and overcome obstacles to grow and be happy. This pulled me towards a B.S. in Psychology that I received from the University of Pittsburgh, along with a B.S. in Business.

As a life coach, I am passionate about helping people reach their maximum potential while living a happy and balanced life. In order to accomplish this, it’s imperative to have a strong foundation of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

When these essential areas in your life are strong and focused, you will choose and behave in ways to help grow and fortify a healthy lifestyle. And you will prosper with success, peace and happiness. I will help you achieve this with FOUR directives.


lotus swirlF.O.U.R.

F = Focused

Learn to quiet your mind and quiet all the noise around you in order

to focus on who you are and the path you need to be on.

O = Originality

 Find the path you are supposed to be on—

the path that is authentic and genuine to you.

U = Uniqueness

 Embrace who you are and the qualities/characteristics that

make you unique, seeing those in a positive light instead of negative,

and how to strengthen your unique qualities.

R = Responsibility

 Gather the tools to do all the previous three,

so you may become the responsible and respectable

human you are meant to be,

as you discover your true identity and path in life.



I am committed to helping clients fortify these four areas to find more satisfaction on a daily basis by being focused, being original, embracing your uniqueness and being responsible.

breaking chains      Let’s work together to discover a fresh positive perspective, new skills and commitment to living your healthiest life possible. Let’s make changes. Because, “Life Is Good!”

I’m not cutesy, I’m not trendy, I’m not traditional…..I’m transitional.  I’m Just Teri.

Keep it simple.