Self-Care is a restorative element vital to help us thrive in life.
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Taking Time for Things that Bring us Joy Each and Every Day.

Between the many “to-dos”, and “must-dos”, and “have to-dos”, it’s important to remember to take time to do something, simply for the joy of it! Joy is a vital ingredient we must deliberately add to our day. It can feel like a magic pill, a breath of fresh air, a warm hug and lovingly says, “You matter too!”

Do anything, but let it produce joy.

Walt Whitman

Something small. Something indulgent. Something just for you! 🙂

When we do this, we include ourselves as a priority. When we do this, we remember to give to ourselves what we so readily give to others: time, energy, attention. When we do this, we practice self-love and this is so, so good. Try it. One tiny thing is all we need ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


8 thoughts on “Taking Time for Things that Bring us Joy Each and Every Day.”

    1. Thanks Bella 🤗❤️

      Sometimes life gets so busy we easily forget about what lifts our spirits. Yes, keep it simple 👍🏻😁

      Do whatever works for us to reorient and bring our focus inward, right?❤️

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