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A Million Little Steps That Make Life Good

It’s human nature to feel the need “to-do”. Most of us are compelled towards something that drives us, challenges us, or entertains us. We like to have goals and along with these goals are preferences and opinions of how we want life to be, or wish it would be.

The trouble begins when our expectations interrupt or interfere with enjoying life. Expectations, reasonable or not, can distract us from seeing what’s wonderful in our life because we’ve raised  the bar so high, perhaps too high, that any alternate version or less than what we have in mind, simply won’t do. 

Let me say, this kind of mindset just isn’t fair!

Yes, have goals. Big goals of excellence and expertise and innovation. Yes, set performance standards that require our best effort, diligent practice and unwavering commitment. Yes, have big dreams of how our effort and dedication will create positive and meaningful changes to our life. 

But please, let’s not forget to applaud the million little steps we’ve taken and will continue to take in our pursuit of personal or professional excellence. On the road to getting what we want, that’s where we get what we need to live our best life. One full of good memories, good feelings, good relations. One where we are stimulated, challenged and enjoying meaningful activities. Most importantly, a life filled with joy and love.

Don’t beat yourself up for what you couldn’t do, or didn’t do. Just do the best you can now, now, and now. 

Akiroq Brost

Let’s show ourselves the respect we deserve during our transformation, because in the end it’s not exclusively where we end up that defines our life journey, it’s the million little steps in between that illustrates our true life story. 

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


23 thoughts on “A Million Little Steps That Make Life Good”

  1. So true, those baby steps are so important and priceless, without them we get nowhere.

    Our own expectation of our own-self can be so ridiculously unhelpful. It is as a bad as having other people expecting too much from us, which none if us like

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  2. The trouble begins when our expectations interrupt or interfere with enjoying life – this is so simple and so very important – I find it very wise to recognize that it is not worth it to sacrifice our joy for some goal. I agree with you on how we should be celebrating our journey, all small steps on the way.

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  3. Love this, Teri. I’ve been consciously trying to rid myself of the expectations habit for awhile now. Especially when it comes to events, holidays and other special days. We are almost always disappointed when we set expectations, instead of being able to enjoy an experience for what it is. And expectation is the sister of perfectionism, and I don’t have room for that in my life anymore. Love and light to you. 🌟💛

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    1. Oh holidays can be the ultimate challenge with expectations Collette❣️

      Great point about sister perfectionism. And I agree, she is capable of grand disruption and discontent😝

      Always appreciate your thoughtful insight❣️🤗

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