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Make a Promise to Live Your Best Moment Today

Go ahead and try this today. Whether you know exactly which direction you’re going, or exactly what you want to do. Whether you’re doing what you love to do, or you’re stuck doing what you hate to do. Whether you’re in good health or bad, confident or terrified, inspired or expired, depleted or invigorated, vibrant or numb, found or lost, thriving or stagnant. Each moment in life delivers a fresh, unblemished, and undetermined opportunity to live anew! You have the freedom to choose differently.

Life is birthed in tiny pieces called moments. What we do with the little pieces is our choice and collectively they create what we call “my life”.

Each day the canvas is blank and you are the artist. Pick up the brush and for each singular moment that comes, fully give it your loving and kind attention. Be all there! Paint whatever is in your heart. You hold the brush, in charge of what goes on the canvas, and your daily creation is reflected by your engagement in life, custom designed, and generated moment to moment.

The gift of life is one thing no one controls and no one has any idea how many more moments we actually have. Today, promise to live each moment like the miraculous gift it is. And then do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Do this and you may be amazed by the beautiful masterpiece you’re slowly creating ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


16 thoughts on “Make a Promise to Live Your Best Moment Today”

  1. I promise myself. Life indeed is in the present moment. The past is gone and a distant memory and the future is a thought both arising in the present.


    1. Sure is. It helps in moments when I’m feeling frustrated, lost or caught in temporary confusion. I breathe in, surrender to feeling one moment, then relax into the next, and the next.

      Tired, hungry, sick or surrounded by toxic people can require more time 😉❤️

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  2. 💜 Totally Agree EveryOne; as a Psychiatrically DisAbled Pensioner who is Able Bodied and UnAble to Work I Marvel at The Other DisAbled who Have The Mental Toughness to Work, To Them I Bow


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  3. “Paint whatever is in your heart” is sometimes a bit idealistic, but worth working towards. Sometimes alterations are made in one’s life direction through forces beyond our control and finding a new normal is a daily struggle. Life happens and daily creation requires more willpower than I can muster at times, but I try in tiny moments. Living a life of constant pain is an overwhelming challenge that I don’t wish on anyone. Creative acts do help me feel like my old self. A self that could walk into nature and fulfill a passion for photography. Now I photograph clouds.

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    1. Dearest Olga, pain indeed is a most difficult challenge. Constant and exhausting and I pray for your strength ❣️🙏 I cannot imagine never-ending pain. 🥲

      “Paint whatever is in your heart” is not always bright and cheery, sometimes is dark and scary. It’s more of accepting the reality of the moment.

      I’m so glad you shared your struggle as there will be times all we can do is acknowledge the dark moments that paralyze us with fear, drain our energy just trying to survive the pain, and obliterate our hope of a different reality.

      I remember you sharing your new found source in finding some kind of relief and glad the clouds readily oblidge❣️🤗

      I know you are brave to look them straight in the eye and paint those dark moments. You embody living moment to moment trying to make it through. 🤗🥰❤️

      Keep looking up to those clouds to soothe your soul and enjoy your photographs❣️

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      1. Thank-you for these caring words of support, Teri. Yes, I always try to find a moment to look up to the clouds when they come. I do love reading your posts whenever I can. They always stimulate a reaction in me that can be healing. Thank-you for being there.

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        1. I’m glad my words offer some sort of support. ❤️❤️❤️

          My intentions are to offer a positive perspective and encouragement.

          I’m always appreciative of your comments Olga, and particularly today’s comment because there’s an infinite number of situations life deals us and it helps to apply my post in a unique way❣️❣️❣️❣️

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