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Just Keep Showing Up Through Good or Bad Times

Life is about learning and growth, and some days the best we can do is simply show up. Some days, our “best” feels worse than not good enough, it feels pathetic. But, that doesn’t have to be the end of our story.

What can we do on a “bad” day? Continue to show up! Just because the day isn’t going our way doesn’t mean we abandon our obligations. We carry on. Be accountable for our responsibilities. Be committed to go on even though everything we’ve done today seems to have ended in a complete disaster. Be brave to stay engaged on days we feel we’re an emotional cyclone inside and would rather check-out. Because no matter what the day delivers, these are decisions under our control.

I’ve learned that bad days exist to balance the good days. My so-called “bad days” are the markers of the devotion to my growth; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, and an expression of my fortitude to not just survive life, but thrive.

So, yes, some days can feel like a losing battle and I’m barely maintaining my ground, but life isn’t supposed to be all easy-breezy. It’s not about always having effortless days, it’s about my diligence to figure out how to endure the downward blows and learn how to overcome the deficiencies that may be limiting me. Of course, this doesn’t always happen in the moment but more often in retrospect.

Nature produces the most beautiful things under pressure and challenge. This includes humans!

It’s about not giving up or giving in and letting life have it’s way with me. My job is not to control life, but control me. I hold-on during the “bad” days, look towards the possibilities of tomorrow with hope, and then I simply show up ready to do my “best” to navigate whatever that day may bring. ❤

It's about showing up and not quitting,  even during the worst of times.
Growth is about persevering the worst of days.

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


16 thoughts on “Just Keep Showing Up Through Good or Bad Times”

  1. This message is encouraging. Helps one push a little further, with the little step of showing up. So much truth in this quote “Nature produces the most beautiful things under pressure and challenge. This includes humans! “

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    1. Thanks my friend❣️🤗

      Excellent point Bella❤️ I agree with you, pushing through the muck, away from the undesirable, is like breaking the hold it has on us. Freeing us ❣️

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    1. So wisely said Lisa ❣️ ❣️

      It’s so very true that when we make the decision to keep moving, or get back up from a fall or find a new dream , one day we look back with gratitude that we kept at it.

      I completely agree. It’s a choice❤️

      Thanks for your brilliant perspective 🤗

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  2. 💜 I Constantly Remind Myself 95% Cool, 5% Crap EveryOne; like a car I Fill My Coping Tank Full During the 95% then the 5% is a Breeze NOT!!! a STORM!!! and I Don’t Stall or Run Out of Fuel…another Thing I Do is Focus on My View of What is Actually Going On; as a Single Person My Energy Field and PAM (Perception Attitude MindSet) is NOT!!! Really Affected by AnyOne Else…yet I AM Open to PARTNERING UP Again; with ALL Lessons Learned by My Soul Spouse and Me


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      1. 💜 Thank YOU!!! for YOUR!!! Kind, Supportive Words SupaSoulSis; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


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