What do we project in life? What do we want to project in life?
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The People Around Us Can Inspire Our Next Step

Life is an intricate and interactive journey that delivers more than the challenges we set in motion to reach our social goals. Life’s undeniable, omniscient power delivers the experiences required to grow our spirit which transcends all material-like prizes to lead us closer to love and harmony. Yes, in times of transition, our next step towards an outward goal can be detoured by a more pressing matter of interest delivered by the unexpected, unavoidable and unpleasant people we either cross paths with or endure through work or familial obligation.

You have to assemble your life yourself – action by action.

Marcus Aurelius

No matter how we try, the friction from dealing with some people simply can’t be ignored or dismissed. It’s a big ole mountain standing in our path to feeling peace and prospering in our life that demands looking inward and self-attunement, or “the act of becoming receptive to or aware of”. It’s the interruption of our intended course for public success, for a reward much bigger. That of nurturing our highest possible human achievement…nourishing the growth of our tender, loving soul.

I find self-attunement in the disharmony I feel when dealing with others and while it’s not fair to say I’m exactly like these difficult and exhaustive people, it’s also fair to say I can certainly act in ways similar to my hopeless antagonists.

While it’s less work to avoid those we commonly experience conflict with and much more comfortable to dismiss any sort of self-reflection, denying our own troublesome thoughts and behaviors, we miss the opportunity to grow our beautiful spirit. It’s the struggles in life that fortify our brilliant qualities.

So, I observe what I don’t like, and spend time reflecting on what it is precisely I find unacceptable or abrasive. Then I gently peel back the layers of my own thoughts and behaviors to expose any fears or past injuries. From a place of love, I do my best to offer myself the grace of inexperience or unknowing, forgive that lovely person I used to be, and promise to work towards removing unwanted actions and more importantly, replacing them with healthy and loving substitutes. Here is where we reap the rewards of permanent, sustainable comfort, strength and confidence.

It’s the struggles in life that fortify our brilliant qualities.

While it isn’t easy embracing prickly people and seemingly unfavorable events that cross my path, I appreciate and surrender to my life’s landscape. I care for it like a gardener. Pruning, nourishing, weeding and spreading new seeds that promise love and goodness to share with the world. I am a constant gardener, accepting the elements and working with them, not against, doing what I can to care for this glorious gift of life. ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri

13 thoughts on “The People Around Us Can Inspire Our Next Step”

  1. Life is a continual journey of growth, shedding our limiting qualities as we expand to accommodate better values that bring us elevated awareness and peace. Other times, our external environment is our inner states pushed out as signs for us or messages to heed and act.

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    1. I love the metaphor of ‘shedding our limiting beliefs’ and undoubtedly there are times, we’re dealing with situations caused by our inner pain and fears that rise to the surface, begging to be healed.

      Such gentle truths you’ve shared❣️🤗

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  2. Brilliantly written!!! I love the concepts you present. I am becoming a constant gardener myself (love your use of words here), I am learning how to leave my pettier instincts behind as I make a determined effort to grow.
    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your content, whoo hoo!!

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  3. 💜 I Simplify it Thus EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We ARE ALL “Intricately” InterConnected and have “Intricate” InterConnections…then it’s ALL About Our CHOICES!!! and Our DECISIONS!!! Forming Our Futures; sometimes a “Parent” with The Best of Intention Doesn’t Realise The Damage They ARE Causing and Treat The Child as UNGRATEFUL!!!


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