How we interact with life is how life will interact with us.
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Make Space for Moments of Peace in the Daily Grind

We overcomplicate, overthink, overdo so much in our daily life that it grinds on our spirit. We overload our days believing we need to do more, do better, be perfect. This creates daily overwhelm and unnecessary struggle. Now more than ever, with the world feeling in disarray and upside down, we can do our part and make space for moments of peace to refresh our spirit, reframe our challenges and rejuvenate our focus to be our best self.

Let’s schedule small moments of peace into our busy schedules. Relax in quiet solitude, wherever you can find it. In the car at a red light, in the shower, in a waiting room, in nature or in a closet if necessary! Be still and allow a feeling of peace to wrap itself around you like a loving hug. We all have the capacity and capability to make room for more peace in our life.

We can fill our days with peace be being gentle and kind with  others and ourselves. It's a good feeling.
How we interact with life is how life will interact with us.

Stop thinking, doing, and expecting, and just breathe. You are here and now and for a few moments remember life itself is simple. Our thoughts and feelings about what’s happening are the source of disruption and chaos. Proceed with this feeling of acceptance for whatever comes your way. Complications need thought and energy to survive so deny them the fuel and approach them with practical intention. Believe all things will be handled to the best of our abilities, and take one moment at a time. ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


7 thoughts on “Make Space for Moments of Peace in the Daily Grind”

  1. So true. Mindfulness is a way of life and creates a separation from the prison of unabating desires and fleeting satisfaction. I love❤ the Heather quote. 🌻

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