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One Moment at a Time

Life happens one moment at a time. This is the only place we “actively” live. The rest is memory and dreams.

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whatever you’re doing… be there! Be wholly there!

Being present is living life to your fullest. It’s not missing out on the joys we’re gifted. And it’s not being passive in the challenges we face by actively choosing our best option in that moment.

Presence is a key component for healthier, loving relationships, creativity and invention, focused and productive problem solving, and creating a sense of peace knowing you are doing and being all you can be, right now!

Give the best effort you’re capable of, moment to moment. This is you being your best. Fully engaged. Totally present. Completely alive. ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


11 thoughts on “One Moment at a Time”

  1. Hi Teri, I’ve just come from Bella’s blog having read your wonderful interview and wanted to let you know how much I resonate with your philosophy. YES to living life mindfully, cherishing the present moment and being wholly there in all we do. I look forward to reading more on your wonderful blog posts and getting to know you here. Much love from Australia

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    1. Oh Miriam…I’m so humbled by your kindness and so glad we’ve found each other through Bella❣️❣️❣️

      Her blog is bursting with love and support and encouragement ❤️

      Thanks for taking time to comment and connect ❤️🤗

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      1. You’re very welcome Teri and yes, I agree. Both Bella and her blog are so inspiring and I feel very blessed to have been connected with her for a very long time. And now you! How wonderful. ❤️😊❤️

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