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The Bitterness of Sarcastic Remarks

Many times, people grow insecure by the passion and determination of others invested in healthy and positive lifestyle changes. They use sarcasm as an attempt to diffuse their self-judgment and insecurity.

The art of sarcasm. You may know someone who is exceptionally gifted in delivering sarcasm. It’s defined as “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt”. Irony meaning its delivery conveys the opposite of what the words suggest. Quite witty when used in a humorous way to lighten a ridiculous or embarrassing moment, or giving a compliment which I suspect many of have done, but cutting when used as a cover to debase someone. People call them “cutting” remarks, appropriately so, given the origin of the word. Sarcasm comes from the Greek word “sarkazein” and it means “to tear or strip the flesh off”.

On our journey for personal change and self-improvement, our new focus and behavior change can easily make people close to us uncomfortable. Self-judgment sets in and they may believe we think we’re better than them, even though we simply want more and believe we’re capable of more. They may fear being left behind with our growth, which is totally possible, unless we build a bridge to connect the changing landscape. They may become defensive, protecting their continued way of life, and resenting our choice to make changes from the status quo but it’s not about them, it’s about us wanting to live our best life. All these reactions are considered a part of social boundary dynamics.

Typically, sarcasm is used as a defense mechanism masking one of a few things: fear, insecurity, or inferiority issues. It has absolutely nothing to do with us and everything to do with the person firing it. It’s a feeble attempt to derail our progress or create self-doubt. Don’t take it personally but don’t stand for it either. Sadly, many times sarcasm is an ill-attempt at humor and the comedian apparently can’t read the room that their jokes are bombing.

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.


So, our predicament is how to handle unwanted sarcasm? The answer is simple. Whatever way feels most comfortable for us! It may be satisfied by ignoring it, changing the subject, or walking away. Other people may be able to deliver a calm and gentle comment like, “Now, be nice”, or “Gee, thanks” or “I don’t do sarcasm”. In the end, we may get an irritated or aggressive reaction so we need to do what’s comfortable for us. Sometimes avoiding the person altogether is the answer because sarcastic comments do hurt and don’t support a healthy self-image.

Sarcasm profits by triggering emotional responses. Don’t buy in.

Here’s the deal. Their sarcasm is just that. “Theirs”. Personally, I do my best to remember that their comment is not about me and attempt to let it go; otherwise, I’ve forfeited my personal power and they succeed in reducing my positive mindset and mission. That is the real tragedy ❤

Any helpful tips handling sarcasm, please share 🙂

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri

11 thoughts on “The Bitterness of Sarcastic Remarks”

    1. Oh yes. Some people have truly mastered the art of sarcasm to belittle and injure. 😢

      I don’t mind at all when it’s used in a silly way to lighten uncomfortable situations. It brings relief 😂🤪

      Thanks for your comment Pene ❣️

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  1. Sarcasm is something I’ve grown to dislike more as I get older. Yet my understanding of it has grown as well. And that is the fact that people who regularly use sarcasm are almost always hurting and full of pain themselves. Insecurities, resentments, inadequacies, negativity, etc., and that is they way they cope…looking for some kind of twisted approval or regard. I really have no advice on how to deal with someone like that, except to remove them from your life as much as is possible! Great post! 💛

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    1. Thanks for your kind and accurate observation of sarcasm Collette❣️ ❣️🤗

      SO good 😍

      Its a higher road we take to replace irritation and injury with compassion and it helps to balm any sarcastic blast we receive 💥

      However, I too am of the camp to remove people who consistently wield sarcasm as a weapon. ❤️🤗


  2. 💜 I Deal with Defensive “Sarcasm” by Being Friendly “Sarcastic” about Their Defensive “Sarcasm”; then They either Walk Away with a Few, Choice “Cutting” remarks that ARE Water Off a Ducks Back or Say “Thank you for Being My Friend.” either way it’s entirely up to them to CHOOSE!!! and DECIDE!!!


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    1. Love your confidence❣️ ❣️😀

      It can be so hard to get to “the” point where it doesn’t matter what other people choose when we set healthy boundaries.

      YOU, my friend, are at that point❤️🤗

      Great story to share Yernasia!Thanks 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 💜 Ahhh, it’s NOT!!! that difficult really EveryOne; basically it’s a Return to The Purity of Our ChildLike State and ALL “”the” point” of “confidence” and ‘FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!!!’ ~ that Being a Child Involves


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      2. 💜 …and YOU ARE MOST WELCOME!!! with My Gratitude for YOUR KIND WORDS!!! Knowing No Bounds; so I Salute, Bow and Thank YOU!!!


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