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Interview from “Let’s Get Inspired” series

Hello friends,

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Bella, the amazing creator of the ThoughtsnLife Blog. She’s doing a series of interviews featuring fellow WordPress bloggers. I was fortunate to receive this awesome opportunity from a lady who tirelessly puts out helpful and inspiring blogs, while also supporting and encouraging her fellow WP bloggers! It was an honor and a pleasure. 🙂

Here’s her description:

Welcome to the Let’s Get Inspired series, where we get to know our fellow bloggers on, and we learn their blogging journey, book writing journey, their passion for writing, photography and more. The purpose is to be ‘inspired’ by their journey and learn from them. To be encouraged by their dedication, motivations, routines and how they make it happen. I hope that this series, motivates us to be better writers, bloggers or take better photos etc.

If you’d like to see what I had to say or learn more about me and my blogging process, click here and please share your own blogging experiences! I’d love to hear how you do it ❤

Gratefully yours,


6 thoughts on “Interview from “Let’s Get Inspired” series”

    1. Thank you Bella❣️❣️

      I’m truly humbled and honored by your encouragement and support.

      I’m glad we met. You’re an amazing blogger and inspire me in so many ways. I’m beyond grateful you read and support my blogs!


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