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Mistakes Are Part of the Process When Mastering New Skills

Mistakes are something we all try desperately to avoid but when we try something new, we’re not expected to master it immediately or without struggle. It’s a slow process of discovery that provides a deeper understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish. We gain intimate knowledge and insight into the guts of this new choice.

Mistakes are the portal of discovery.

James Joyce

When we make a mistake, reframe it as: a miscalculation or slight oversight, near miss, almost had it or close to figuring it out. No, mistakes aren’t the ending. Mistakes are part of the process. Mistakes call for evaluation of our performance, reexamination of possibilities, and assessing our best option. Consider them a guide to calibrating our direction.

Mistakes are built-in to investigation and exploration and to teach us what we need to do to reach our goal. So, the next time a mistake is made, see it for what it is, a call for adjustment but not necessarily a sign to quit. ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri

8 thoughts on “Mistakes Are Part of the Process When Mastering New Skills”

  1. 💜 I AM NOT!!! Entirely Convinced that Experience Equates to No “Mistakes” EveryOne; let Me Begin by Sharing My Definition of “Mistake” which, of course, is Subjective; a “Mistake” is an Omission or Commission of an Act which Consequences in an Outcome that differs from the Expected Outcome and is either Subjective or Objective…a Great Deal of Invention, Innovation and Creativity is a Direct Consequence of “Mistakes” and the Perseverance of The Person who was ‘Mistaken’ and most probably mocked; while Experience is Invaluable in Pursuit of Doing The Perfect Job it can also Put The Brakes on Progress, The ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ Syndrome stifling Creativity, Inventiveness and Innovation


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