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Gathering the Scattered Thoughts

When I first embraced awareness in my twenties, I was bombarded with a long-list of behaviors and corresponding attitudes I felt needed attention. I was like a child in a candy store. “I want this, and this and this, and not that, or that, and definitely not that!” My energy was also like a child who had been sampling all that candy and was on a whacked out sugar high. Rushing here and there, my attention quickly diverted to something else, never giving full concentration to one, single thing.

We can be like this as adults too. When we begin to look within ourselves and want to know ourselves better, understand ourselves better and choose better, we have a tendency to have child-like attentiveness and bounce back and forth with too many things.

The hunter who chases two rabbits catches neither”


Please read this twice: It’s impossible to change everything at once. Impossible! We can want to improve many things in our life. We can want to feel more confidence and self-control and the peace of choosing more positive, cooperative and advantageous behaviors, immediately. We can want to elevate our life from conflict, desperation and fear, and the pain it causes, right this very second. Still, it won’t be instantaneous.

Change will happen. It simply doesn’t happen with everything, all-at-once. We’re at the beginning of a very long, never-ending journey of self-discovery and growth that unfolds little by little. Everything is connected and some things need to happen before others can be realized!

I came to the conclusion that I needed to figure out my biggest priority. I committed myself to sort through the patterns I had been diligently observing, and what was lacking in my life, what was causing pain or disruption and what I knew deep down, was exhausting me, depleting my energy, and choking off my joy. As I followed the strings of emotions that were tied to the undesirable behaviors in my life, I found a common attitude that was causing the biggest “ache”. I needed to practice more acceptance. So, that was where I dug-in.

Change will happen. It simply doesn’t happen with everything, all-at-once.”

What I had done was discover focus. Focus is defined as “the center of interest or activity; the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.”  James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says of focus, “In order to concentrate on one thing you must, by default, ignore many other things.” Focus is the key to successfully completing any task or challenge because you give undivided attention to the behavior or thought that needs improvement, and once change is noticed and consistent, we can move on to the next priority to insert actions and thoughts that contribute to more peace and joy.

Always remember, your focus determines your reality”

George Lucas

When awareness rises up to know ourselves better and live differently than we’ve been, we need to get specific for the “exact” feeling we’re after or our effort is displaced on too many things, and none of them receive the energy required for improvement. Take time to ask, “What matters most to me? What behavior or attitude is so disruptive that altering, or replacing it would benefit me and those around me?”. Then concentrate on behaviors that support that behavior only. If you are committed and consistent, and patient, little by little, you will move closer to success. ❤

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


27 thoughts on “Gathering the Scattered Thoughts”

  1. Great post and an important reminder that we can’t tackle everything at once. That we must start with the highest priority. There is forgiveness and self-compassion buried in that process as well. Start with one thing…forget (forgive) the rest for now. Thank you for the reminder.Xx

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      1. It is. We rarely learn how to focus, society teaches us to juggle so many things at once, we then end up piling stuff and not completing tasks, and if we do, we fail on quality or in giving our best. Focus becomes our individual effort

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        1. SPOT ON Kevin ❣️ Great points. We need more conversation about this. We’ve bought into the lie and start to believe we’re actually the ones lacking. Your blog does a great job examining this challenge!

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  2. Powerful post. Saw it on my Instagram feed. Focus is so key, understanding ache and pain and where it comes from. To understand the reason, to be able to fix it. Must say you were a wise 20’s year old to make such a big realisation. I love baby stepping into all the things I want change, but as you priority is important, otherwise nothing is done. Like for example new habits , I baby step into them, then momentum kicks in. New habits for me take several months to win. Then with goals I want to achieve, I like to have a few and I break into baby steps. A few priority, the biggest bang for my buck , is the theory. Sometimes achieving one goal, habit, or resolution will indirectly fix other things I wanna work on. If that makes sense.

    Great Post. And love the way you bring it into Instagram. I have got a bit lazy on Instagram not bring in people that way. But, I feel me blogging to frequently then linking on Instagram doesn’t quite work.

    Enjoy your weekend

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    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging comment Bella – and I admit I haven’t been “focused” on Instagram either and it shows 😂

      I LOVE the way you highlighted the importance and benefit of baby steps❣️❣️🤗

      I think we all erroneously believe it’s just us moving too slow and there’s something wrong with that. Most people move along at the same pace but we’re all at different stages so it only seems that we “should” be farther along.

      3 Cheers for baby steps in 2021🎉🥳❤️

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  3. Wow, Teri! This definitely struck a chord. I’m that guy wanting to make up for lost time and fix all my shit like right NOW! What you wrote totally makes sense. I will be pondering this more…but I do believe there is one main thing that needs changed immediately. Thanks for the insights.

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    1. Yay! I’m so happy this connected with you Dwight. ❤️

      I hoped I wasn’t alone in my impatience. My lack of focus only amplified it 😂😂

      Thanks for your comment and I’m sure you’ll be more aware to make the adjustments.
      Goodluck 🍀

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