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A Great Day Doesn’t Have to Be a “Perfect 10”

Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.”

Anne Wilson Schaef

Life is not and cannot be a “Perfect 10” every day. Our life is a work-in-progress. Regardless of our enthusiasm and hard work, we’re going to have ups and downs that reflect unpredicted circumstances and their corresponding choices which impact us daily. It’s possible today was filled with outright mistakes we made or disappointing failures, in-spite of our best effort, but if we pan out to get a glimpse of the big picture, today we gave our best effort to live our best life. And I consider this a very good day!

Hey, life is dynamic and colorful and as a result, our days can, and will, vary. There may be wonderful moments followed by moments that are chaotic and frustrating and messy but there’s a beautiful genius at work that’s asking for our best effort, not perfection. I believe we’re doing better than we think. Just keep moving!

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri


13 thoughts on “A Great Day Doesn’t Have to Be a “Perfect 10””

  1. Great message! And our best effort is better than we think or give ourselves credit for. Perfectionism is a prison! It robs us of our joy and contentment. 💕

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