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Moving on From Easy Street

Ever have a time where you have a really, good groove going in life? In fact, you’ve got such a good grip on things you walk with a kind of flare that only confidence provides. I mean, it’s a vibe so cool that it deserves theme music to accompany it.

Then, due to nothing on your part, your path enters an unknown, unfamiliar place and you’re like “What? I was just doing my thing…where the heck am I? This street doesn’t look familiar!” So, you turn around and head back in the direction you just came from, determined to return to that “nice” place where you had an effortless handle on your surroundings. In this place you know how to navigate it because you understand how things fit together, how they work and what you need to do to thrive.

“If nothing ever changed, then nothing would ever change.”

Teri Mirikitani

Let me say, it’s not just you and you did nothing wrong. This is the terrain of life. Always growing and changing. New areas. New streets. Filled with new people, obstacles and options. Take comfort that you’ve not lost your way.  Actually, you’re right on track.

As much as we’d prefer to remain on easy street, doing so would cage our soul which needs to be challenged in order to grow to its full potential and amplify our life experience. Easy street eventually becomes a place where anticipation and expectation and all the answers are in hand and on autopilot. It may be satisfying for a bit, but it can soon turn into boredom, disconnect and stagnation.

As much as arriving to a new environment can seem scary, it only feels this way because feelings of apprehension and insecurity surface… and they should. We’re in new territory and it feels as if we’re starting from square one again. All over again! While this may be frustrating, the opposite side of this coin is growth and we know that growth is good!

Our reactions dictate our reality and expanding our capacity to understand life’s challenges, and becoming our best, has a direct correlation to our satisfaction with life.

Here, we’re called to dig deeper in how we process new people and circumstances that typically seem to be the same problem only kicked up a notch in intensity or maybe a slight variation of an old challenge. Yes, apparently, it’s time to take our awareness to the next level for more practice in how we interact with life. Our reactions dictate our reality and expanding our capacity to understand life’s challenges and becoming our best has a direct correlation to our satisfaction with life.

Times like these I do my best to be mindful to embrace the change and consider my new challenge a promotion. And why not? When we’ve successfully learned how to navigate one stage, it’s time to move on to the next one. This is a promotion from what we currently do well, in order to discover new dimensions within ourselves that will help us do better and be better in life. This is growth.  This is progress. This is our purpose in life.

Keep it Simple,

Just Teri

15 thoughts on “Moving on From Easy Street”

      1. Smile Just Teri
        Thanks so much
        For the inspiration
        Happy to have
        To respond
        By Soul
        Around Our
        Globe only With
        Clothes Of Words
        And other Media
        Speed oF LiGHT
        Fitting iN A Fiber
        Optic Cable
        SinGinG Now
        JusT SeRVinG
        LoVE PrePaRinG
        This way by Soul🙌🙏🤗

        Liked by 1 person

              1. SMiles i’m 60 Never
                Had A Poetic Bone
                In my Body till 53
                If You Keep
                Day You
                May Wake
                Up With A Poetic
                Song on Your
                Ends i Have
                No ‘Knowledge’
                Of How to Do
                This as
                River Flows
                Within when
                It’s Free Verse
                Song or Dance
                Truly A Higher
                Indeed We
                Wings This
                Way i Believe
                An Open HeART
                Opens Doors of
                This Way
                Beyond any
                Human School
                Keep Smiling
                Is Love
                On 🔥 Fire🙌🎶😁

                Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Collette. 😊🥰

      I believe it helps to approach new challenges this way instead of feeling like we’re doing something wrong or headed the wrong direction. Because it’s easy for self-doubt to creep in.

      It really is a much preferred filter to look through when faced with new challenges 🤷‍♀️😂

      Liked by 1 person

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