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Gaining Time by Loosing Comparison

How much times he gains who does not look to see what his neighbour says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

5 thoughts on “Gaining Time by Loosing Comparison”

    1. OMG the book is VERY difficult and I didn’t read the original only a modern translation of it. LOL
      Still I find comfort, inspiration and hope in the bountiful quotes from Meditations 🙂

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        1. LOL – Thanks for sharing that!!

          I was so bummed I couldn’t get through it but figured we all have our special talents and I don’t have what it takes to get through the original. I was grateful for another author’s hard work presenting it in a way I could comprehend!

          I’ll try the Audible. Good way to fill in the blanks with more time – haha


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