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What’s Wrong With Being Confident?

There comes a time when we transition into something more than we already are. An addition to our daily life. An extension of what we are currently doing. A new direction. And as we reap the rewards of our new direction and hard work and enjoy feeling validated by it, another feeling is revealed. Confidence.

Confidence is defined as “A certain feeling of truth. Assurance of one’s abilities”. Its synonyms are conviction, sureness, and validity. No matter the definition, once we know the feeling of confidence, we understand that it’s like rocket fuel for life and we know it’s vital in reaching our maximum potential. We want more of it!

When we have a little taste of success, moving through a new experience and into the unknown, it builds confidence and confidence is contagious in all areas of our life.

Let me list the many ways confidence helps us be our best.

  • We say yes to opportunities that push our limits to learn and grow and be better.
  • We say “no” to protect our mental, physical and emotional health to avoid overwhelm.
  • We stand up for ourselves for truth and fairness.
  • We set high standards to reach excellence in our performance.
  • We welcome the unknown and understand that any failure is a helpful lesson to learn.
  • We ask the vital questions required in order to stay on course.
  • We know success is possible and many times we’ll reach new goals faster and easier.

If you struggle with confidence, take comfort that it can be learned and there are many sources to help you build and achieve confidence in your everyday life. Just like anything else, if we make it a priority and practice it diligently, we will improve and become more proficient in our actions and our confidence will grow.

For instance, we can foster our self-confidence by putting ourselves in situations to practice whatever new goal we desire and realize the world won’t end with our lack of knowledge or skill. Especially as we’re learning something new!


  • Realistically claim your strengths and weaknesses. It helps to challenge what you already know and improve skills you lack.
  • Set short term goals to reach success faster and be encouraged by your progress and ability to reach your objective. Be sure to celebrate your little wins.
  • As you set your sights higher, imagine yourself as already being the person you are growing towards. Believing that person is already within you is a driving force for the focus and commitment needed to succeed.

Confidence is a belief that we have the ability needed to succeed in life and that belief provides us to feel certainty in our choices to move forward – to live and learn and grow in whatever way we desire. And growth is the key to a healthy, well-lived life. So, go capture your little wins because it nourishes the tiny seed of confidence we need to grow to be strong and resilient and helps us reach the heights we were created to reach.

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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