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The Many Ways Reading Serves Personal Growth

“There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” Will Rogers

Reading is one of my most favorite activities. It’s a way to learn new things and, it expands the mind and boosts imagination. Now, if high school or post-secondary education obliterated any pleasure you had for reading and you don’t enjoy reading more than a typical length blog or internet articles, please continue on and I hope your inner bookworm may be inspired to build a bridge to reconnect to the many ways reading benefits us.

From an entertainment perspective, reading can help us unwind, escape, and certainly  inspire us to follow our dreams. This is a gift in and of itself, but more importantly, it provides brain stimulation to strengthen our thinking and analyzing skills. Who doesn’t want this? Some days I feel as if I go on auto-pilot with habitual mental challenges and reading breaks me out of this haze. Additionally, when we read it stimulates the part of the brain that deals with memory and attention which is a vital part of the brain to keep engaged as we age. If we’re not attending classes to revitalize this practice, we need to find other avenues to satisfy it. If we’re not growing, we’re stagnating and that is never a good place to be.

Aside from the mental health benefit, one of the most valuable gifts of reading for me is that it helps keep my mind open to new ideas and exposes me to cultures I’ve never experienced, life situations I am unaware of and history that I’ve never heard. And I like it!

The thing about reading is I can stay in the shallows on any giving topic or I can dive as deep as I like. This is perfect for me when I get on the scent of something that’s caught my attention on a wide spectrum of topics such as home projects, healthy recipes, beneficial lifestyle tips and relationships.

“As you mature, you start reading and studying and researching, you start to really know what life is about.” Afrika Bambaataa

Of course, as a life-long learner I gravitate to books, and it has proven to provide priceless tips and tools as I navigate through life. I intend to remain attentive to the many different stages I’ll go through in my life. I want to continue to develop new skills and outlooks and gain knowledge on my life’s aspirations and I suspect I may even head in a completely new direction. Who knows?

What I do know is this. Whether it’s a blog, internet article or Instagram or going old school like a newspaper, magazine or book, when it comes to reading, I act like a vulture, hungry for its next meal and I find myself feeling out of sorts when I neglect it.

So, if you ever find yourself feeling adrift or uninspired, don’t hesitate to find something, anything to read that you can sink your teeth into. Regardless of the topic, you will emerge with a tiny fraction of more attention and mental clarity. For me, this is never a waste of time and always just the right medicine to see the world in a fresher, more creative light.

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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