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Finding Time to Be Alone is One of the Best Investments to Give Yourself

“It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” Henry David Thoreau

Hi friends. I hope you had a wonderful week and I’m sure you’re looking forward to your break from work or school. I’ll bet your weekend is booked solid with fun, chores, sports, volunteer gigs and parties. Quite possibly overbooked. For this reason, I’d like you to consider adding one tiny to-do to your weekend that will yield ginormous benefits.

Alone time!

Alone time seems to have lost its value and appears as either lazy or selfish. It most certainly is not! I’d like to plant the seed for why alone time is one of the most valuable investments for your overall health and should not be seen as anything other than the health benefit it is. We need to bring it back as a necessity not a luxury. I’ve made alone time my priority because as much as I love my family and friends and totally passionate about my work, I am desperate for some time of solitude to regain balance and clarity!

Without alone time, we never give ourselves time to reboot our mind, refresh our soul and re-energize our outlook on living our best life. This time of solitude can help us see what’s working to better our life or what’s working against us. If we never disconnect from our busy-ness, we continue to produce results like exhaustion, tension, irritation, frustration and emptiness. We need time to consider what’s missing in our lives for growth, for inspiration, and living a satisfied life today not that far-off someday or maybe one-day.

Click on the links above to read more of this invaluable practice now or allow this little seed to settle in you. Hopefully one day, before you’re ordered to slow down and take some quiet time or to put pieces of your life back together, it will sprout and show you the beauty of its simplicity and its unbelievable power!

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


1 thought on “Finding Time to Be Alone is One of the Best Investments to Give Yourself”

  1. I am absolutely the WORST at creating and honoring alone time. I know that I need it. My personality and productivity RELY on it and yet I dont protect it nearly enough. Thanks for the reminder! Spot on blog post!


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