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Revitalizing Our Spirit of Adventure and Growth

Curiosity may have killed the cat, or so the saying goes, but it sure does enhance the human spirit. Not curious by nature? No worries, curiosity can be developed with even a tiny bit of attention and intention.

Now some may say, “Who cares if I’m curious or not?”, “What is it so important”, “Does it really matter?”, “I don’t have time for any silly exploration. I just try to get through the day!”” or “I’m happy with the way things are. No need to ruin what seems to be working”.

If you feel this way or have ever felt this way, you may need a curiosity intervention and I’m going to tell you why.

Studies have shown curiosity to have an overall influence on enjoying life. This means that people who reported high satisfaction with their life, as a whole, were also curious in nature.

This could be why experts see promising signs of the influence of curiosity in health, intelligence, social relationships, happiness and meaning. This is by merely being observant and inquisitive! That’s it. Nothing to buy or join and no outrageous complication that requires major lifestyle transformation needed.

This isn’t some overly complicated formula that takes researching for a month (or more), then at least a month’s prep time to figure out how we can incorporate this into our busy life, and then the major upheaval of our daily routine to accommodate this “helpful” new life hack. Detailed formulas and lengthy steps stink!

All we need is ourselves and a little mindfulness and we’re on our way.

I myself am always asking questions to learn more about what I already know, and especially when I’ve stumbled across something I know nothing about! This is my favorite. I can ask so many questions for my unsuspecting teachers if given the time and opportunity.

If you’ve lost your drive to discover the new, or refuse to look into the deeper exploration of things already known, no worries, I’m listing a few websites I’ve found to be wonderful resources to get you on your way to engaging new days of excitement, stimulation and fascinating information and perspective.

This may be what you need to get you out of bed and looking forward with more anticipation to the day ahead!

There is an awesome website, an online resource for the award-winning magazine that is “dedicated to empowering people to become their healthiest selves”. They cover a wide variety of topics from Health, Fitness and Food to Relationships, Detox, and Sustainability. This website is such a good resource to tempt your curiosity. It’s a contribution of a long-list of writers from many diverse walks of life. It’s a great place to whet the appetite for further exploration with good information

If you enjoy podcasts, which I’ve recently become addicted to, play one of these while driving, cleaning or my friend suggests while folding laundry. Each episode at stimulates curiosity on different subjects such as: Behavior, Immortality, Artificial Intelligence, Food & Culture, and Mind & Body,  just to name a few. They have experts from these fields explain why the information they’re sharing is helpful and why we should care.

Happy exploration!

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri

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