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Work It. Own It. You Are a FORCE

This week has been all about celebrating how far we’ve come and celebrating the small wins. I’ve tried to share with you the importance of  dialing into what you do well and what makes you unique. I am hopeful you’ve done some excavating of your inner virtuoso and have found the hidden treasure of your gifts and abilities!

Have you done this? Have you taken a closer look at all you do and have done, and sat back and gave a long, slow clap for your sublime work?

Do you own your special-ness? Do you see what you’re amazing at? Do you appreciate the value of what you make look so easy to others and it’s without a doubt, not easy?


Do you hesitate at claiming what you’re good at? Do you consider your skills nothing special? Are you just lucky when good things happen?

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

Now, this may sting but I have to take it here. Don’t be so silly! If you believe you could do more or you dream of becoming a master at your craft, how are you going to make progress and gain respect if you don’t think anything special of your abilities??

Stop this nonsense! Right now!

If we struggle claiming our “something-something” this is where we need to make some changes, or we’ll struggle longer and harder than necessary. Even if we’re aware of what we do well or above average, it’s crucial to pump up our self-perception to gain some ground in our life. Greatness doesn’t happen to wall flowers. It’s time to get comfortable with some attention and applause.

I’m going to suggest something to those of us aren’t comfortable claiming our greatness out loud, so there’s only one option that will help. Brace yourself. It’s time to start a journal.

Keeping a journal is like striking gold! I’m suggesting more than a diary. I’m suggesting a tool to help chop through the self-doubt that is blocking our path to self-realizing our goals.

I love to journal but struggle with it and I will unabashedly claim my five started and unfinished journals. Still, this truth in no way lessons my belief in the capabilities that a journal offers. I write a lot of unorganized notes, but I know the value of keeping a journal and have vowed to get back to organized journaling. To be honest, at times I’m lazy to journal because I’m one of the lucky ones to have a very good friend to supplement my journal writing.

Don’t wait. Get started. If you don’t like to write or keep a journal, fine, make a list of three things you did well each day. Things we overlook will slowly be revealed in our journal. Things like intelligence, creativity, self-control, patience, kindness and commitment. If you don’t have three things, write one. If you can’t find one, ask someone because you need to break the dam you’ve put up to reduce your self-worth. You will slowly come to realize you are much more competent and capable than you give yourself credit. This is a gradual change you’re working to modify so don’t expect a miracle in a week or even a month, but it will happen if you stay committed and will help to silence your inner critic.

If those of you who hate the idea of journaling, there is a fun book, You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero. It’s a NYT Bestseller and read by many women trying to get over self-doubt and claim their awesomeness. It’s a fun book full of hilarious stories, solid advice and exercises that are not like learning rocket science. If you’re really struggling with self-doubt and don’t have a BFF that is in better shape than you, or at least in the same mindset you’re in, give it a read. It may address things you may not to say out loud or share with others.

Do whatever you have to do and find a way to connect with your inner Master, because believing in your own talent is a key ingredient to thriving in life!

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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