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Why Everyone Should Have a Victory Dance


High achievers and fierce entrepreneurs are like pitbulls with their goals. Always setting the bar higher, bigger, more challenging, more intense.

And the super achievers I know never seem to be satisfied with what they’re doing at the moment. They always minimize their big score and go on to explain its “ok” but they’re really after getting “this or that” done. And I’m like, “Wow, that seems like a pretty great achievement and I’d be pretty darn happy for those results. I must be a total slacker or under achiever.” Then I break into self-reflection, making sure I’m in fact not a slacker and right on track for what’s right for me.

You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see these super achievers ease up a little and break out into a hard-core victory dance. I mean just own it. You set some serious goals and you rocked it out. Now, do your end zone celebration for your stellar moves!

We all need to have an end-zone celebration, of some sort, when we feel we’ve had a major score! Strike a pose. Karate kick. Fist pump. Shadow boxing. Something fun and silly and celebratory!

The truth is, most of us don’t feel worthy of a victory dance when we reach a goal. It’s quite possible we’ve set our goal too big or too high that we may never even have a chance to use our dance, if we actually had one.

When we set lofty goals, ones which are completely achievable through commitment and effort, they may take a considerable amount of time before they’ll be realized. Too much time to wait to taste success.

Experts agree that even for seasoned winners, setting smaller goals that contribute to reaching our ultimate goal, allow us to reach them in the shorter term and feel success and it reinforces our drive to keep going. They also agree to take time to celebrate these small wins. So, be sure to take a moment and do whatever blows your hair back.

When you’re feeling exhausted or overwhelmed follow the lead of successful entrepreneurs who turn that feeling into gratitude for being busy and staying the course. It’s evidence that they’re moving and shaking and on track to reaching their next benchmark. Feeling tired shows they’re doing what needs to be done to succeed.

And one last thing. When you reach your benchmarks, be sure to look back to where you started at square one. Take note of all you’ve done so far and learned and created to get to this point. You are not the same person who started this quest. You’ve expanded your world and you’ve grown personally and, or, professionally. This is exactly what our lives are about. Live. Learn. Love. Grow.

And I say, take the time to have fun living your life. Channel you inner super-star, get creative with a one-of-a-kind victory dance and let it rip. You deserve it!

Keep it Simple (and FUN),
Just Teri


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