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Tips to Stop Rushing and Help Make your Day More Intentional.

My last blog urged you to not rush through life. To not be so focused on the trophies of your accomplishments and instead enjoy everything on your pursuit for the “trophy”. Truly, that is where the sweets of life are found because after the trophy presentation you’re not going to stay fulfilled for very long. It’s a fleeting moment of validation that indeed your efforts have been rewarded, but it’s not sustainable.

The everyday little things are what matter. Our life is already filled with hundreds of these tiny rewards to fill our hearts in the simplest way. It’s enjoying our days with loved ones and their affection that is not only priceless, it’s soul food. It’s daily life with our animals, our hobbies, nature, a good book, a funny show or movie, sports, dancing, traveling, holiday celebrations, or a good meal.

In order to enjoy where we are day to day, we need to plan our days with balance, boundaries and efficiency or we’ll easily hit overwhelm and our days will become a blur instead of scenic tour.

So, if you’ve caught yourself kind of rushing through life and wish to slow down, here are some suggestions from a time management ninja that we can use to slow down in our daily life and create room to be able to appreciate it more. We’re worth it!

21 Ways to Stop Rushing through Your Day

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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