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Welcome to Vita Reali. A Place to Witness Stories of Life.

I’d like to welcome you to read about some people who reside in the apartment building called Vita Reali. Don’t feel inappropriate or voyeuristic, it’s a fictional place. These characters don’t exist, really, but they do exist. The tenants of Vita Reali (Real Life) are our neighbors, co-workers, friends, family and sometimes, us. They represent life around us that describe our life-situation but they’ll teach it doesn’t have be what our life is all about.

Vita Reali is a wonderful place to live. The beauty on the outside is a lush landscape that presents a peaceful courtyard with serene fountains and framed with flowers and evergreen bursting with life. It beckons you to relax and unwind or offers you a sanctuary that generates creative inspiration to achieve all you desire. The residents pass one another with friendly disposition but such an air confidence that an image of a life with unparalleled success floats through you mind.

From such a distance, Vita Reali is a vision of magnificence and would lead you to believe life is sublime for those who call this place home; however, you will get to know the residents of Vita Reali and go beyond their flawless façade and witness the challenges each tenant deals with daily. You get an insider’s look into the reality of their lives.

You may find that some of their life stories sound familiar. Maybe they remind you of someone close to you. Someone you know. Maybe they resonate as the person you used to be. Maybe you are that person right now.

Maybe you no longer want to be this person. Maybe you have some answers and ideas for positive change to help your friends, neighbors and yourself, or maybe you’re feeling  just as frustrated as they are with their life-situation and empathize with their feeling of sadness, confusion or helplessness.

No worries. You can take comfort from a place of safe observation as you read about the people of Vita Reali and allow your feelings to bubble up without filtering them. You have full permission to react naturally, unrestricted, as you witness these tenants work through their days full of ups and downs, and their strengths and weaknesses that either help resolve an unpleasant or challenging circumstance, or create more unpleasant circumstances that leave you scratching your head

It’s quite possible you will identify with one of their stories or come to realize you have been missing a key ingredient needed to bring more peace into your life. It could be forgiveness, inspiration, compassion, hope, kindness, and determination.

The beauty of the people of Vita Reali is they provide an opportunity to reflect, in private, on our own life by exposing the reality of their life they, and most people, don’t reveal to the rest of the world.

You are welcome to judge them and, fortunately, they won’t judge you back because they’re imaginary characters. And because of this, they shamelessly expose their life with the hope their story will help you find a way to grow and heal to live your best life. They don’t mind you learning from their example if you take the opportunity to apply needed changes to your life that help you thrive.

Welcome to life at Vita Reali where you’re invited to be entertained, learn and grow!



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