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How Deep Breaths are a Powerful Self-Care Practice

Many people consider self-care to be about pampering but it’s more than aesthetic body care at a spa. It’s taking care of ALL of you as a whole in some surprisingly simple ways.

Self-care is a life-long commitment that is most effective when repeated in even the smallest amount on a daily basis. It’s giving whatever amount of attention you can give to mind, and soul day in and day out.

Today, let’s give the body some love. It works so hard and does it’s best to give us what we need, but are we giving back as much as we ask of it?

Deep Breathing

I’ts one of the easiest and most helpful means that benefits your overall body function and is a gentle cleanse of any residual negative emotions. It relaxes muscles, improves oxygen delivery – an amazing brain boost, lowers your blood pressure and releases endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good chemical.

Simple tips and suggestions:

Be in a comfortable position so you can relax your entire body, inhale deeply by using your abdomen and hold it for five counts, if possible, and exhale slowly as you count to five again. You can do this anytime, anyplace.

Do this for as long as you wish. No set time, no set place, no expectations!!

Just Breathe…hmmm!

When you sense a feeling of relaxation, it’s your choice whether to continue longer or go about with the rest of your day.

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri


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