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Replacing Intense Expectations with a Kinder Mindset

Expectation: a belief that someone will or should achieve something; a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

I’m learning that expectations have mushroomed out of control and instead of raising us to levels of success they’ve come to produce results of “self-sabotage”, “disappointment” “failure”. For me, the word has become twisted and synonymous with perfection or promoting unreasonable expectations of quick and easy fame.

There is no formal class to get educated on expectations. Nothing to provide suggestions to consider what would be good for your life to help you learn and grow, generate good feelings and relationships, and create meaningful goals that are capable to achieve.

Some people have the gift of a mentor planted in their life or an example to model and they learn quickly what it takes to prosper in life. Typically, this is an uncommon experience. If you are not one of the lucky ones, there are some excellent leaders for setting and reaching goals such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar to name a few. They all have their own unique approach so find the author who speaks to  you.

As I persist on my journey of self-discovery and growth, I’m redefining how I gauge my life’s progress. It’s kinder, more encouraging and levelheaded.

When one’s expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have.” ~ Stephen Hawking


I’m dumping expectations that feel like judgment and approaching my life with brave intention and standards that are balanced and reasonable and totally achievable!

I intend to reach my goals by creating a sensible plan that starts with a solid foundation and then moves onward and upward with logical next steps to reach the end goal. I’m also finding it gets easier and the tempo picks up at a comfortable pace.

Instead of working in the extreme with irrational, unhelpful, inflexible beliefs and excessive work hours, that suggest I’m not making any progress and can lead to self-talk like shame, guilt, and incapable, I work in the sphere of well thought out and an attitude where my goals are absolutely attainable!

I measure my progress by setting standards of excellence that are balanced. My standards are built from qualities most important in my life. Fairness, honesty, integrity, good health and setting realistic goals that are practical for blending with my current life situation.

I’ve not compromised my life’s priorities to reach expectations that cause utter chaos and disruption. No, I’m committed to having stable, purposeful intentions and healthy standards and this helps me make steady progress and I’m able to appreciate what I have every step of the way.

Keep it simple,
Just Teri


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