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Quiet Please!

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“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.” ~ William Penn

From the moment you wake, life is a series of tasks. Beginning with nutrition and hygiene and usually ending with nutrition and hygiene. So simple, right? What happens in the middle…not so simple.

The middle is full of school, work, work commute, homework, housework, charity work, work-out. It’s a lot of work!

It’s indisputable how busy life keeps us. Outside work or school, free time is usually spent with family, friends, hobbies, volunteering and a whole slew of other entertainment and leisure possibilities. Many of them help you to unwind, lighten up, and decompress from the pressure of juggling daily life. It is the bright, colorful and fun part of life. It’s the good part of life. It’s also usually the noisy part of life.

We’re so busy packing work and all the good stuff into our day, we miss out on an equally important part which is taking quiet time where we unplug from everything! Do absolutely nothing! This may seem unproductive, lazy or unnecessary. It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Constantly working and doing and running with no recovery time can build stress in our lives. We can’t be engaged 100% of our waking time. It’s just not balanced! And it comes at a cost. We pay with our physical, mental and emotional health.  Take a moment to read this article at WebMD to read 10 health problems related to stress that you can fix and see the impact stress can have on our overall health and a few stress relieving tips.

You don’t need a huge block of time. Take 10 minutes to relax. We can certainly find 10 minutes throughout our day to give our mind and body a break. Try sitting quietly wherever you are. Turn off your phone, TV, and music. Turn off all sources of noise and interruption! If possible take a walk outside in nature, sit in your favorite chair, or get comfortable laying down on the couch.

The key is to just have a few moments of quiet. You may become restless or uncomfortable or feel like you need to be doing something. Resist the urge to quit and know this is proof of how much you need to be still.

There are no demands or rules for quiet time. It’s simple. It’s granting yourself time to relax and breathe easy! Disconnect for a bit.

If you need to start slowly, there are simple ways to build tiny subdued moments into your life. It could be driving in the car, or patiently waiting in line without using your phone as a distraction. Do it at the beginning or end of your day as you lie in bed. The point is, carve out space in your daily routine wherever possible to build a state of calmness.


Quiet time is where you get in touch with the present moment. In the present moment you find life: pure and undisturbed. It’s a place of peace and possibility and creativity. It’s a place to connect with your full potential while also relaxing and recharging. If you don’t believe me, give yourself two weeks of consistently practicing quiet time and note any differences. At the very least, you may notice a release of tension physically and/or emotionally.

Eckhart Tolle suggests small simple ways to connect to present moment awareness. Because, as he teaches us, “Life exists entirely in the Present Moment”.

If you would like to go beyond simple ideas to create space and desire to improve your well-being of mind, body and spirit, great spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra suggests meditation as a tool to reduce stress and connect with your pure potential.  Chopra offers guided meditation on living carefree that you can follow to begin your journey of consciousness.

So, take time during the day to say to yourself, “Quiet Please” and give yourself the gift of a few quiet moments. It allows the mind to “reset” the malignant cycle of thoughts or feelings, it breaks the barrage of responsibilities and stress, and gives the body a well-deserved breather. It’s a place to reflect and say, “it’s all good” and then move on with a fresh perspective for the remainder of your busy day.

Give it a try. You have only peace to gain.

Keep it simple,
Just Teri

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