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The Best Investment Ever!

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“It is health that is real wealth not pieces of silver and gold”  ~ Buddha

I have a client. She has an established, successful business. She’s polished, organized and enjoys her work. She came to me because working endless, sedentary hours to deliver her high standard of service came at a price. The price was her suffering health and sadly it sneaked up on her until it was the elephant in the room she could no longer ignore.

The simple truth is that taking care of your health; physical, emotional or mental, is without a doubt essential to living a long, healthy life. It’s the foundation which all life success is built upon. If you do not have balanced health, you will have less energy to achieve your goals, less focus to realize your potential, and less peace to enjoy your success.

Let’s talk specifically about your physical health. Most people are well aware of the consequences of neglecting their body yet still fail to put it at the top of their daily to-do list. It’s not like there isn’t  countless examples around you to highlight the reality that indeed you are aging and evidence of what happens to aging bodies. As time passes, the body slowly breaks down and it’s no longer an option but crucial that you make your physical health a priority. It becomes a necessity. Take time to observe the seniors in your community. Notice the challenges they face. Find a senior you know who has a great quality of life and interview them! Strive for being an active older adult who’s engaged, mobile and relatively pain free.

Before we can get to work on routines, time management or any other solution, you must have the willingness and determination to put your health at the top of the list, or at least share the number one spot. To create lasting change it must be more than  just a good idea you’ve had, it has to be your new life approach!

It’s common to feel weary by the end of the end of a busy day. It’s easy to get interrupted with things you like better or work related correspondence which eventually spills over into cyberspace fun land, because it’s less taxing and more entertaining. You know you’d sleep better with daily exercise and good eating and most people notice feeling better once they get started. It’s just getting started.

So how is it done? If you’re not a take charge Type A person, who is result oriented and possess the discipline and self-control to assimilate healthy changes into your life, healthy habits will seem like a chore. Your least favorite chore! These people have laser-focus and are so determined to be the very best version of themselves, they find a way to weave it into their life and they stay committed. I admire these people. I’m just not one of them.

If you are not in this category, you may need to find a buddy, group, or seek a personal trainer or adviser to help you stay with your health goals. The benefit is accountability and reasonable expectations instead of unreachable goals that increase the probability of failure.

Set goals for a healthy body, healthy weight, and good nutrition. This contributes to a good strong body that fights stress and all the ugly complications that come with it.  It helps stave off illness and disease. Most importantly exercise and good eating increase vitality and helps support a positive, happy attitude. Go for balance and harmony in your new lifestyle, not intense, extreme or shocking workouts or diets! There is a cumulative affect on what we do to our body. Focus on helping not hurting.

Here are 3 simple rules of good health that are uncomplicated and take minimal effort to research what’s appropriate for your body condition and blend into your routine:

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Movement of any kind
  3. Stretch: it’s restorative, relaxing and encourages body alignment

If you have more involved needs such as an injury, weight loss, lack of knowledge, lack of commitment or an extremely bad habit to crush, seek additional assistance from a professional in whatever capacity you require. The pearl of wisdom here is to try. Just try your best everyday.

Healthy living is not a waste a time. It’s the best investment ever and yields results which are priceless. Remember, “An object in motion stays in motions”. How do you want to spend the last part of your life? Watching or participating?

Keep it Simple,
Just Teri

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