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Building a Bridge for Dreams

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“What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything?”  ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Are you a daydreamer who loves slipping into the world of possibility, but you don’t know how to pursue your dreams because you can’t bridge it into the real world.

Perhaps you desire to live a healthier lifestyle. You want to eat better, exercise, and feel stronger. Enjoy a longer life. You don’t want extreme weight loss or workouts; you want balance!

Or maybe you are dusting off your resume to transition back into the workplace and are stuck for a week trying to find a way to creatively fill the resume with a hiatus of 17 years. This makes you feel like your last two decades of motherhood is a black hole, certain to be quickly tossed into the trashcan without consideration.

You could be like some women who want to take their careers to a new level or add a new dimension. They’re in a rut or bored and crave stimulation. Some women want to completely reinvent their careers, closing the chapters on what once gave them satisfaction. They feel stagnant and need growth.

These scenarios are extremely different in their destinations; however, they have similar roads they’ll travel to succeed. They all require the same tools to make their daydreams come true.

So how do you make your daydream a reality? What happens after you’ve acknowledged your dream? Once you’re brave and take inventory of your current position by being aware of what you value, what you say, and how you act, then what happens next?

A lot of hard work.

I enjoy leading my clients through this process. It’s exciting to help them figure out what they’re doing well now and what needs improvement to achieve positive results, such as:

  • observing your daily regimen;
  • focusing on your strengths and polishing where necessary;
  • acknowledging any weaknesses and minimizing their effect;
  • determining what routines contribute to current success or create obstacles;
  • discovering new skills or approaches to amplify progress; and
  • seeking less complicated methods to help deliver quicker and easier results.

Bottom line, once you commit to introspection and say this is me and you’re familiar with your beliefs and values, the next step toward prosperity is assessing your lifestyle to understand how to go from here to there, the place of your aspirations. You build a bridge for your dreams. The alternative is to get comfortable where you are and enjoy the groove you’ve carved out, never tasting the sweets of triumph you dream about.

The good news? You can do and be whatever you want to be in life. The choice is yours.

Keep it simple,
Just Teri


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