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How Daydreams Can Help Us

delicate lotus
stone steps on Mt
Taking the precarious path

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever had a daydream? Where you see yourself so vividly, it’s as if you’re living that life right now? I love daydreams!

Daydreams are the place between mental focus and where you entertain the creative ideas your conscious mind has generated. A place where you can feel inspiration, motivation, or the sense of possibility.

Your essence is talking to you and showing you glimpses of who you used be and where you came from or who you are destined to become. Who you are meant to become. You like who you are in this daydream. It feels good and right and comfortable.

If you decide to follow this trail further and become the version of you who you admired so much in your vision, it becomes a road of self-discovery. You travel to the core of who you are. On this path, you get through all the distractions of daily life, get rid of the smoke and mirrors, and you’re able to begin to see things a little clearer. You see reflections—reflections of someone who looks familiar. You recognize her. It’s … you. It’s just you. Not dolled up, not surrounded by stuff. It’s just you as you are with no pretense or vanity or egotistic splendor. It’s you at your fundamental level. It’s necessary to understand who you are now, to transform into the lovely creature, you wish to be.

When you start to examine what you value, what you say, and how you act, you may begin to shine light on some dark, sensitive areas in your life. Essentially, your personality is going under the microscope, and many times it will go into protection mode in fear of any kind of judgment. It’s like breaking into Fort Knox to take a closer examination.

It’s easier to stick with the known than to explore the unknown. It’s secure, and you know exactly what to expect. We all have set rules of behavior that we follow, which allow us to handle life in a predictable way. Life feels safer, but most times it’s not the virtuous way to handle things.

As you welcome difficult questions, you receive the gift of clarity in return. It reveals your glorious flaws, and this shows you all the possible directions you can head. It’s not easy asking the hard questions, the ones that make you feel vulnerable, weak, and scared … the ones that make us see the less than lovely places inside. It’s hard to observe, and it can be debilitating if you allow it. Or it can be empowering. It’s the opportunity to see the truth of where you are at, who you are and then the beauty of deciding where we will go from here. Very exciting stuff!

Take time to uncover what truly matters to you. Not what matters to your friend, neighbor, Hollywood, or the internet. Discover what works for you and what makes you happy. It’s the foundation to enjoying each day to the fullest. And that right there is totally dreamy!

 Keep it simple,
Just Teri

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