Lighten Your Load

“Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace” ~Dalai Lama

Flowers thrown in airMean people suck! It’s a universal fact. Yet being mean is usually a product of pain and fear. It’s powerful, it’s dark and heavy, it’s hopeless, it’s rooted and it’s also not permanent. Whether we’re receiving or dishing it out, we can choose to let it go! It doesn’t have to be our reality and it starts with acceptance.

Accepting that we and other people sometimes have some not so stellar behavior or thoughts or feelings. Accepting that we have some past pain anchored deep in our memories without judging ourselves with guilt, shame or sadness makes room for healing. This can be a big challenge especially when we’re on the receiving end of meanness.

No matter how wonderful we believe it may feel to drop the gloves and get in our jabs, it will not bring us any closer to our goal of peaceful living. Don’t defend, don’t retaliate, don’t seek support via gossip or social media and don’t hold on. Just. Let. Go. If we remind ourselves to accept emotions that are deeply rooted within us, we’ll be more relaxed and this creates space so that a state of presence may surface and help us to gently diffuse the feelings that come with our past pain.

Keep it simple,
Just Teri




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