Independence from Negative Emotions

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Let’s respect our emotions. Happy, pleasant feelings … piece of cake. Unpleasant reaction? Time to pay attention.

When our hot buttons are hit, our emotions begin to surface. They’re telegraphed by physical cues, such as increased heart rate, rise in body temp, state of body tension, fear, or anger. This is our early warning system that we are entering a state of discomfort.

Now that we’re aware of our inborn early detection system, let’s utilize it!

It’s when a friend or neighbor is so competitive that it drives us nuts! Our in-law who does nothing but talk about their seemingly perfect life. The client, boss, or co-worker that we’d really enjoy putting in their place, albeit with irrevocable consequences. The truth is, our emotions signal to us what we need to work on to live a more peaceful life. Sounds like a good check system, right?

Basically, every negative or painful experience in our life forms a “Pain Body,” according to Eckhart Tolle. It’s kind of like a trace that we carry with us throughout our life, and for something we are not consciously aware of, it certainly creates a lot of problems for us!

Because this “trace” has essentially become part of us, some people live everyday with this “trace” dictating their emotional responses and operate in a perpetual loop of knee-jerk behavior. Realize any negative or unpleasant emotion is our authentic-self talking to us and saying “there’s a better way.”

Right now, all we need to practice is awareness! Take notice of our body cues. Now stop. Be completely in your feelings and, before taking any action, we must recognize exactly what we’re feeling and say, “I see you there and it’s okay,” whether it’s anger, control, fear, jealousy, or frustration.

We need to heal that part of us still reacting to past experiences and accept that this is a sign that we have harbored some painful memory. By witnessing our emotions, we starve them of energy and slowly their power will diminish.

Now the key is having the desire to practice this daily and soon, with repetitive emotional awareness, it’s totally possible to experience less hostile emotional takeovers. Remember, you are building new muscles of awareness and it does not happen overnight. You will succeed and reap the rewards. Be kind to yourself, be committed, and be respectful to our emotions. They’re trying to show us the way to a more peaceful life.

Keep it simple,
Just Teri


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