Diminishing the Elephant

baby elephant

Troubles are only mental; it is the mind that manufactures them, and the mind can gorge them, banish them, abolish them.   – Mark Twain


Have you ever heard the saying, “Well, we keep avoiding the elephant in the room”? Which translated means, there is something not quite working or a problem or a challenge that we just can’t act like it’s not there. Because it is! We all have a “figurative” elephant in our minds. Something that taunts us, haunts us, or downright tortures us. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the huge elephant that takes up so much room in our lives, that distracts us, roadblocks us, or immobilizes us, and shrink it down to something more manageable? A “pocket-size” elephant?

I mean, a pocket elephant sounds cute, right? Not like a big deal or oppressive problem. It’s a cute little elephant, small enough to fit in your hand or purse. Sounds interesting even. Listen, we’re all working on figuring things out so that we can enjoy life and let life flow a little smoother.

Here is a goal to consider this next week. Simply observe how you feel and react in challenging situations. Observe how you respond. And most definitely observe the outcome.

It’s impossible for our perception of what we observe not to have an effect. It will. Remember though, this is a judge-free zone! We are starting with being a witness only, and that is it. Eckhart Tolle suggests, “to merely be the witness to what is happening in that moment. If we are aware in the present moment, we are in ‘the now’ … no problems can exist … only situations … which can be solved. When we become aware, we have the opportunity to learn. And in learning ‘how’ we react, we can then make changes the next time a similar opportunity arises for us to practice our new change. This is not a quick fix. Just as it takes time for the seed to become a grand tree, so too does our behavior take time to grow into something more peaceful and present.” So this is the direction we’re heading, but for now—just witness!

Be gentle as you pursue new change and be determined. If you forget to witness as you get caught in the hurricane of emotions and thoughts, agree to practice this whenever the next challenge emerges.

As we’re on this journey, let’s not be overwhelmed with the elephant in the room, let’s work, little by little, to diminish the elephant so that it becomes more like a one-of-a-kind, fashionable, pocket elephant!

Keep it simple,
Just Teri




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