Good habits, we’re worth it!


Now that we’ve explored the idea of mindfulness and meditation, let’s take a moment to consider the practical application in our lives.

This concept may or may not appeal to you enough to build into your daily routines, based upon your perspective on how life is flowing for you. Bottom line: life is moving at light speed all day long and unless we have “something” that helps us return to a neutral place where we can rejuvenate, refresh, and relax, like a shooting star, we will eventually be on the cusp of burnout.

If you are unaware of the scientific support of meditation, you may discover that one of the simplest exercise routines with a huge payback does not require you to lift a muscle. It’s exercising our brain, merely by using or applying ways to connect with our “life” and allowing ourselves to “just be in the moment.” Quiet meditation or just being an observer in our life and witnessing what is unfolding around us keeps us in a state of awareness of the present moment. This allows us to be focused on life that is happening as opposed to regretting the past or worrying about the future.

So please return for my next blog as we dive further into the life impact and benefits of simple meditation and mindfulness and a wide variety of tips and ideas for meditating you may have never considered.


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