Practicing mindfulness

Tai-Chi-Flow_artNow that we’re awakening to the idea of mindfulness, do you notice if you’re taking in more details of whatever it is you’re doing? Maybe you wonder the importance of paying such close attention to the silly, everyday things but consider why people use the phrase of “mindless tasks”? The mind is taken out of the equation for the moment.

Here is where you are living in the present moment. Now I know many may say, “What’s so big about that?” The big deal is this simple act is being mindful. Giving everything we do in our life the attention it deserves is where the endless loop of draining thoughts or possibly repetitive negative self-talk ceases. Not only do we complete what we’re working on with precision and most likely a desirable outcome, the mere act of living in the moment gives the creative part of our brain more space to allow creativity in. Have you ever noticed that when you are fully concentrating on simple chores, the best ideas or solutions come to you? That’s because you stopped the needless and hopeless noise in your brain and made room for creativity to find you.

So if you’ve accepted this new practice of mindfulness into your life, continue to practice daily and see how you flow through the day with more ease. If you doubt the ability to bring a sense of calmness over you, I challenge you to try it. The bottom line: we should be giving all of our attention to whatever we’re doing especially when safety is concerned.

Mindfulness and meditation go together, so we’ll next explore the benefits and some simple tools for meditating. Check it out because many people misunderstand how simple meditation can be. You’re already over halfway there with mindful practice! Stay the course and you may discover something new!


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