Mindfulness…simple and sweet


Life is moving at a faster speed than ever. We are in constant state of task or transitioning to another task, and the day doesn’t end until we fall into bed at night, only to wake the next morning and begin again. So where does the time come for self-reflection and lifestyle change?

The moment you start asking if there is a better way to handle a situation, you’re connecting with your authentic self. It is your true essence of who you are truly meant to be in this life. Once we answer the call, we are drawn to following this newly lighted path.

The question is how do we find the time to pay attention when it seems like every single moment is filled?

Here is a simple place to begin. Mindfulness. Defined by Dan Harris, a Ted Talks speaker, as “the ability to know what’s happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away with it: learn to respond wisely rather than just reacting blindly.” He says, “Mindfulness is a superpower.” With mindfulness we become aware of the emotion we’re feeling without reacting to it. It’s reacting wisely not blindly. He believes mindfulness & meditation will become the next public healthcare revolution and proven by scientists to be a no-brainer like brushing your teeth.  It’s not a solve all but accessible by everyone, immediately!

By simply being aware of what we are actually doing, this puts our thoughts on hold so that we can be living in the present moment. Not past and not future. A moment that we have the biggest opportunity to impact our life! YES! We are so tuned in and aware that we can make a very conscious choice as to what serves our true self.

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this? Focusing on our breath.

Catherine Kerr, speaker at Ted Talks, says, “The four foundations of mindfulness by the Buddhist monks teach that mindfulness of breath and body is the first step in regulating emotion and repetitive and negative thoughts.” Her talk “Mindfulness Starts with the Body: A View from the Brain” provides a great presentation on the power of the mind in healthcare, depression, and reduces the tendency to worry or self-criticize. She’ll walk you through an exercise in mindfulness starting with focus on the toes and also the quality of the sensation whether it’s cool or warm.

This means if we really want to change our reactions to more peaceful and positive ones, a simple first step is to focus on our breath going in and out of our body.

So if you are interested in honoring your true authentic self and following the course full of contentment and happiness that’s meant for you, start by just focusing on your breath. Feel how it easily comes in to fill your lungs and gently let it go. Respect how your body knowingly welcomes the power of life and fills you up. There is no separation of the power and energy of your body and the awesome power of the world around us. Allow yourself to be aware, that you are a part of the world and the world is a part of you.

This is a very pleasant place to be. In. The. Moment.

This is not a strenuous workout with a big formula to follow. It’s as simple as focusing on your breath. If your mind strays, which it will in the beginning stages, gently return to following the rhythm of your breath.

Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now is an amazing resource for moving into present moment awareness. You don’t necessarily need to be sitting in meditative posture or lying down. I love how Eckhart suggests to simply begin to practice this as you go through your morning routine such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, or getting dressed. Pay attention to the action you’re performing with all your senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste, if applicable. Experience whatever task you’re doing, especially the simple ones, with your complete attention. Be so focused to what you are doing in that moment and notice how that makes you feel. Relaxed? Peaceful? Connected? Feels good, right?

Please be kind to your newfound habit of awareness and just keep returning to your breath as you perform your daily tasks. If you’d like to track how this new tool affects your feelings or any areas that you may see a new attitude or behavior choice, jot it down in a notebook. It will serve as a great tool to reflect how you are growing and in harmony with your authentic self. Enjoy!

We will continue to explore in the coming weeks easy meditation tools and its benefits. Please join me in pursuing these skills that will help bring awareness and peace into your daily life.


Keep it simple,
Just Teri



10 thoughts on “Mindfulness…simple and sweet

  1. Isn’t it ironic that every exercise and yoga posture has a specific breath pattern to it, and yet, so many people manage to mindlessly go through the motions when exercising. The same breathing practice that you speak of while dressing or brushing your teeth can be incorporated into your fitness program to bring mindfulness (and better results) to your fitness program.

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